Sunday, 1 April 2012

A date with my Girl in Manchester

My Daughter, Verity is studying in Manchester University.  She is coming home on Easter Holidays . We had arranged to bring her stuffs back home. On Wednesday, 21st March, we went to pick up her stuffs up and then spend some times in Manchester Centre. Whenever we go to Manchester we spend our times on shopping and food. Unfortunately, this time is still the same, shopping for foods and having dinner at World Buffet Restaurant.

Reached Manchester at 3.30 pm. and Verity had booked our dinner at 7.30p.m. We have plenty of times to shop and walk around the town centre. Parked our car at the Chinatown, we shopped for an hour and then drove to Arndale Centre. After shopping for 2 hours at Arndale Centre. I decided to go take some photos instead of shopping. The big wheel is one of the attraction near the Arndale Centre.

Taking our times strolling down the shopping malls, we came across the bridge on Corporation Street. 

Trams lines are next to the Arndale Centre. There are lot of branded designers' shops here that you can shop till you drop. 

While taking photos and walking to the restaurant for our meal. Enjoy ourselves taking photos and my girl was chasing us to walk faster or else we were going to be very late. 

If anyone know the guy wearing the white jacket, he can download his photos from my blogger. Would like to thank him for the street photo. By the time we reached the restaurant we are late by fifteen minutes.  At last, we can sit down and enjoying our meals and talk.

The meal is 13.99 gbp per person.  There are about 300 dishes combination of chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese and English. The food are well cooked and a wide variation of choices to suit for various different taste buds. There are also vegetarian dishes. Normally, I don't eat a lot but for tonight I just couldn't help myself had to try everything. Finished our dinner about 10.30 p.m. and we had to walked back to Arndale Centre. We drove Verity home and pick her stuffs up and we were on our way back home. 

The above photos were the inside of Arndale Centre which I am told off my the security guard that I can't take any photos in here. I would like to thank my friends for treating us to this  meal which everyone of us enjoyed. 

Date for the trip: 21st March 2010
The photos were taken by Robert Suen and myself.

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