Thursday, 26 April 2012

Salford Quays in Manchester

Oh! I had been very busy these few days. I been to Oxfordshire to get some wallets for my sister. Move my stocks from Sheffield to another warehouse near my place. Today, I had been to Manchester, the  China Agency to apply for a visa for my husband. Pre-book the appointment for 10.00  a.m. but we were late due to bad traffic. Luckily, he got his visa and the document will be ready for collection at 3.00 p.m.

With this few hours free so get my husband to drive to Salford Quays. Heard of the Salford bridge and decided to go and take some photos. Drove to Salford quays unfortunately, it is so hard to find a parking space.  We had to drive the same place 3 times before we able to find a private parking space around some private housing.

Walking along the quay and looking for the Salford bridge. We reached Lowry Shopping Centre where lot of high street outlets stores. So we have  some fish and chips for lunch. There is a  path planted with row of trees along the quay. After we finished our lunch then go visited the Salford bridge, it is directly in front of the Lowry Shopping Centre. It is a lousy day today with heavy rain. We didn't spend any times longer around this place due to heavy downpour.

After we took a few photos of this Salford bridge, we walked back to our car. Walking along the quay again and this times it stop raining. We followed a different path way to our car. Due to the heavy rainfalls and the path with rows of trees became a serene place. Well cut trees with reflections on the paved bricks. 

This whole place is so dreamy and romantic but due to the rain this place is totally deserted. I don't think I am able to fully described this place so more photos are added to my post to illustrate this place which given me the good vibes.

The water sports are participated on these water. The Manchester United Stadium is directly opposite this Salford bridge. Also nearby there is a War Museum.

We drove back to the China Town but we still have another one and half hours wait before the 3.00 p.m.  My husband wanted to take a nap in the car.  Instead of waiting in the car. I went to visit the Manchester Museum.  Walked through the front entrance, the first impression, I had was this is such a small gallery. My mistake, the ground floor was for a cafe and store and toilets. The first level is make up of few galleries some open and some in work progress of changing new displays in there.

Every levels there are split galleries with different artists works. Some from all over the world. I really enjoyed myself in here.

This magic mirror can produced funny image. Thanks to the staff  willingly to let me take a photo of her while she is showing someone this magic mirror. The following photo is a dress make of pins.

At last, I came to the last level,  I don't like the works of the artists so I give this a miss. Next is the art and craft and this is a place which I love.

It make me go bonker that I can enjoyed all these great artists works. My  one hour is well spend and now is the time to meet my husband. He had collected his visa documents and pay for 120 gbp for  a visa. What a high price to pay for a visa, imagine £120.00 pounds Sterlings for a visa!!!
Ready to drive back home to fetch my son as he was representing the school in 3 sport events. Won a 2nd place for long jump but lost out of the other 2 events. After this we have a parent evening for Rayshauun on the school trip.

I think I must be crazy, doing all these stuffs within these few days. I had another 2 trips of moving my stocks back to my warehouse before I am ready for my holidays. Can't imagine how I am able to carry rushing up and down. I think I will spend my time on board sleeping all my way to Beijing.

After I had seen these great artists works and with this need to share with my friends so I spend my night writing this blogger before I hit my pillows.
Hope my friends will love this as much as I have enjoyed them.

Dated:  26/4/2012
Photos : supplied by Robert and myself
Place: Salford Quays and Manchester Art Gallery.

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