Sunday, 22 April 2012

In my home town - Chase Water

I had read my local paper that they were leading a walk at Chase Water.  Read more into it then I realised that they had arranged to have this walk to show the local the progress of this place. It was supposed to finish by 2013.  I am getting curious about this place as I had been there before and there was basically no water as they de-water the reservoir. We set out to go and see  a container warehouse to store my stocks. After that he driving around Cannock for half an hour but had no ideas which destinations he wanted to go.  I hated been driving around and go nowhere than back home.  In the end he said let  go the Chase Water. Ah! Ah! after driving for half an hour then he decided to go to Chase Water. It only took him 10 minutes to drive there instead of wasting petrol for driving 40 minutes.

Walking for half an hour, it started to rain. The dam was half completed and we have to come here for another day again. On Sunday, I waited for my husband to go out with me  to take walk at this place again. He didn't want to go anymore. Instead invited my friends to go with me. We had to walk a long way to reach this Chase Water.  Didn't realised that this place was so big and with rolling fields and different lakes around it.

Follow the sign direction, showing a walking trail so we followed this direction and came across the above lake. There were swans and other wild birds swimming around the lake. Further from this lake we came across another lake but then we must go across a small running water path to the other lake.

I am stunned to see the sun set with the storming clouds. The whole place became another world and it just lightened up the lakes and the hills behind the lakes. So we climb up to the hill to try to snap at the sun set. 

Once we had climbed up to the top of the hills.  We rushed to take photos of the sun set as it went down so fast that we were unable to get any good shot. What a waste, but we were happy so I told my friends to shout as loud as she can and all the unhappiness will disappeared.  We were like 3 crazy women screaming out loud. We didn't realised that there was another photographer snapping photos, I think we had frightened him away.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that I didn't realised that it was almost 9 o'clock. We had no ideas where this path lead us to. Came across an overhead express where cars can go passed and now I had to call my husband for help. Ha! Ha! we are no longer in my home town anymore but in Brownhills. So my husband drove down to fetch us back home.  It took us 10 minutes to reach home. But it will took us an hour to walk home. 

Cooked for dinner for my family and friends and had enjoyed a good dinner after the 4 hours walk.
Oh! Oh! I will give 3 stars for this place. Hope all my friends will enjoyed this place and post. 

 I will be going to China and Hong Kong for 3 weeks to meet my sisters and friends for holidays. So I will not be updating till I am back. As I had not been China since 4th June 1989 . After 23 years now I going back to the Great Wall again. I will post on my blogger as soon as I am to. 

Date: 15th April 2012
Place: Chase Water
Photos was taken by me.

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