Sunday, 15 April 2012

Kingsbury Water Park at dusk

I had been to the Kingsbury Water Park in November 2011, which the sky was grey and it seem that there was nothing much to see. I am not sure whether I am wrong and decided to go down there again. We left the house about 5.00 p.m. and it took us about half an hour drive to reach there.  When we were there and no car park so we parked at the side of the road.

Kingsbury Water Park was a major leisure facility with more than 30 lakes and pools. There were activities such as sailing, windsurfing, fishing and hosre-riding. Also there several hides to spot of birding.

This water park was about 620 acres. We came upon different pools and lakes so we just had to choose which directions to go. We came across the Hemlingford water so we decided to not to walk around this lake and proceed straight on.  Then we came across the Bodymoor Heath Water which was Tamworth Sailing Club.  The Private Club was closed so we climbed over the gate to take some photos.  Above the photos were the pier for the sailing boats.  Also plenty of wild birds especially one was badly hurt and its leg almost cracked. Even with a cracked leg still trying to fly and go into the water.
 The village of Kingsbury sits on a hill overlooking this wonderland of water. Had to obtain a day permit before you are able to fish in these lakes. The wildlife birds lying on the the grassland enjoying their nap.

The lake here was so peaceful and the water look so silky smooth. With the sun goes down on a different pool and the lake look calm with blue sky. We don't feel lonely or quiet  and time just stay still around these lakes.

My husband was trying to get the swan to posed for him but unfortunately he didn't get any. But he did managed to get  a photo of the swan dripping water from its beak. I think he was quite happy with himself with this shot.

Walking along the lake we can see that the blue sky with white clouds were reflected on the water.  Beautiful reflections of trees and clouds on the blue water. The lake became so colourful.
Further up we came a split road which lead to a oak trees forest where we can spot the wild life. We didn't follow  this track instead we followed a footbridge which took us to a miniature railway with children playground. The visitors centre and some of the attractions were closed to public due to the lateness.

We decided to pack up as the whole place became dark with only a few people enjoying themselves fishing. Walked back to the same path back to our car park and the sun set on the lake and it gave the lake a different colourful reflections instead of green,brown and blue colours. The lake was brighten by the sun set. 

So instead of rushing back home we were busy snapping our camera happily and trying to get as much shots as possible before the sun totally disappeared.

This park was  so beautiful it was difficult for me to describe it to justify it beauty. It was so lovely and you can sit near the lake and enjoyed reading a book with the soothing water sound and the birds singing around you. 

Scored for this place : 5 stars
Photos were taken by Robert Suen and myself
Date we visited the place: 10.4.2012

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