Thursday, 21 February 2013

Trekking at Castle Ring, Cannock

It has been snowing heavily in our area which there was an amber alert for it. We were snow in but the winter scene was harsh and amazingly beautiful. Children and adults took this opportunities to sliding on the snow.  I took this opportunity to go trekking at the Castle Ring.

We have been to the Beaudesert Park, unfortunately this park is a private park for scouts only. We have enjoyed ourselves walking in this park till the park warden told us off for trespass. We have been told off to leave the property immediately but our car was stalled due to we have forgotten to switch off the lights.  It was out of battery and the staff from the park help us to recharge the car so that we can leave the property.

Been told by the warden that any photos from this park must be removed and not be used.  After left this park we drove to Castle Ring which is just next to this park.  Castle Ring is an Iron Age hill fort and surrounding with wooded forest.  Castle Ring is situated at the edge of Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.

Castle Ring is in the village of Cannock Wood, England. The perimeter earthworks of the Iron Age hill fort is still visible but the ground in the ring have been ploughed.  This place might have been occupied by the Celtic Cornovil

Castle Ring lies on the heart of England way.  It is the highest point in Cannock Chase about 800 feet. We walk around the fort but there wasn't much to be seen in this fort so we trek into the forest.  Trekking into  few inches of snow and trying to find the lakes  in the forest. We can't find any sign board or trail to lead us to the lake.

After about  an hour trekking aimlessly into the forest and decided to turn back to the car park.  We met a couple with their dog and they happily lead us to one of the lake.  We enjoyed ourselves around the frozen lake and the couple gave us some directions for us to go back to the car park.

As the day darken we were lost  in the forest and trying to find a way out.   Trekking up the hills but no locals out with their dogs walking to ask for directions. So we have to trekked up the hills and hope to find a walking trail to lead us back to the car park at the Castle Ring. After trekking about two hours we finally heard the sounds of children and adults enjoying their times playing in the snow.   We were so happy that finally we have managed to find the correct trail back to the Castle Ring as it was getting darker in the forest.

It was freezing cold in the harsh wooded forest and everywhere have been covered by several inches of snow.  We can't walk any faster because the snow but at least we have some chocolate bars and cold drink for these few hours trekking into the forest and the hills. 

We have an enjoyable day at this wooded forest but will come again as this place is full of rolling hills and fields.

Place: Castle Ring, Connack
Photos by: Catherine Suen
Scored: 5 stars
Dated: 24.01.2013

Monday, 4 February 2013

A visit to Penkridge, Cannock.

Due to the cold weather in the winter, I can't go anywhere too far where my old car won't be able to take the icy roads.  Penkridge is a small village town near Cannock.  Penkridge is a market town or market village. The town name is from the River Penk.

This small village is near to Cannock and Stafford. When drove through this village to visit the market we were surprised that the market is near the railway bridge and there is a church directly behind the market place. This market is only open on Wednesday and Saturday.

It is near to the Cannock Chase and Birches Village Forest. Driving through this beautiful village, the village pub where there was a canal in front of the pub. Single car roads leading through the rolling fields make this quiet village even more beautiful.

We had bypass the market place but luckily I saw the arch bridge for the train  over a river. We turnaround back to this market place with free parking. Wandering along the river and trying to find another trek to go over the bridge  but it seen  they were all fenced up.

We had a beautiful sunset over the bridge but didn't get any photo of this view.  So we drove by and follow a dirt road which lead to the private farmhouse right on top of the hill. This small village is so beautiful and it worth a visit.

Place: Penkridge
Scored: 3 stars
Photo : By Catherine Suen
Dated: 9th January 2013