Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A day trip to Chapel en le frith,Buxton

Being travelling to North Wales and Manchester for the last few weeks. I have never expected my husband to offer to drive me for a photo walk. Make a quick check on the google search for any interesting places where I can take some of the sunset photos. Found this place The Roaches from hen Cloud. Loved the pictures in the google search engine but unable to find the postcode. So when my husband told me that it was alright if I had the attitude of the place and then the navigator will able to find the place.

When my husband searched for the place and it give the road name as Chapel en le Frith in Buxton. I thought that was the place where I wanted to go. From my home it took about 45 minutes drive to there so this was consider as a short journey. Unfortunately on our way to Ashbourne, roads works was on and the major road was closed. So taken us about one and half hours to reached Ashbourne, we stopped at here for a tea break.

 Ashbourne is famous for the rolling prairies which during weekends you can see lot of motorcyclists will stop at here for a break and drive through this National Park known as the Peak. Driving about half an hour, we stopped at a farmhouse to take some photos with the beautiful clouds formations.

Happily taking photos and didn't realise that something was not right. In fact we had been driving for about two and half hours and still had not see any sign post leading to the Roaches from Hen Cloud. We had no choice it seem we had wrongly key in the wrong address. In fact, we came into a town by the name of Chapel en le Frith. We stopped at a pub and my husband is too knackered for any walk about.  So I went around to make enquired where we are and what is there to see in this little town.

Walked about 1 mile into  the residential areas and there was a man washing his car. So approached the man and asked him whether he know where is The Roaches in Buxton but he had not heard of this name due to I had given him the wrong spelling of the place. Instead he directed me to go to see the double rail bridges which is popular in this town. When we arrived to the destination of the double rail bridges then I realised it was Viaduct Domination in Derbyshire.  So I had came to the correct place but the wrong town and that was why I can't find the Roaches of Hen Clouds.

So disappointed with this long drive which took us three and half hours to reach here for nothing and there another 3 hours drive back home. Later when I researched for this place again and
 realised that it was the wrong town and this National Park - the Peak covered a big stretches of rolling hills and valleys and it depended on which directions we are going because different locations there are different scenic views.

I don't think I want to go this place or the Roach again as a lot of roads works going around these places and an hour journey became 3 hours. Scored for this is 1 star and not recommend for anyone if you want to take spectacular photos, this is not the place.

 The photos were taken by Robert and myself
  Date which we visited this place was: 19/3/2012.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sunset at Heage Windmill,Derbyshire

On Tuesday, 20th March, my son wanted a pair of trekking shoes as he need this for trainings to a charity trekking in Morocco. I decided to go to Mansfield where the branded designers shops are based which all branded items or goods selling at a 20% to 50% discounts. Bought 4 pairs of Clark shoes for my brother in Singapore and 3 pairs of lady shoes for Trixiebella and 1 pair for Rayshauun. Quite happy that I able to get a rucksack  for him also.

By the time we finished shopping it about quarter to 6.00 p.m. The sun is starting to go down and asked my husband "Is there any hills or lakes in Derbyshire where we can take some photos of this sunset."
Been told by my husband "Yes" but he does not know where. So drove through Derbyshire where there is a sign post showing tourist track. We followed this winding country track and about 6 km, we saw the windmill on a little hill slope.

Parked our car at the roadside, walked up to the to the beaten track where there was a sign showing that this windmill is closed to public till end of March. It will be open in April to September.
Along the tracks there were houses with cherry trees in front gardens and the whole village look quite pretty and quirky. Followed the track there was a gate, followed this gate allowed us to go into the little hill where the windmill was standing proud and grand.

We came across another gate, then reached this windmill. As we were busy taking photos on the cherry trees, almost missed the sunset as I thought it will took at least an hour or two before the sun goes down. Surprised it only took about a couple of minutes before the sun totally disappeared and the whole little hillside became dark. At least we managed to capture a few photos with the sunset but not quite a spectacular ones due to we missed out.

No doubt it is not a great place but just love the clouds formations and the lights from the sunset which made this place lightened up.

Quite enjoyed ourselves with this little walk at such a beautiful spot and hope you will like it.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A day outing at Llangollen, Denbighshsire, North Wales

After my last week day outing to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, where we took some amazing photos of the secret hideaway. My husband offer to take me there again to take some photos of the morning sunrise. This was an unexpected offer which I can't reject. So I planned the journey to the same secret hideaway to take the sunrise and then proceed to visit LLangollen Station and beaten track to a waterfall which I found in Google Map.

My daughter decided to go back to university the next day so asked for a ride to the station at Stafford. We woke up at 4.00 a.m. and prepared  our sandwiches and  flasks of tea and coffee to bring along with our journey. We set out at 5.15 a.m. due to my girl only able to take the 1st ride at 6.00 a.m. Reached Pontcysyllte Aqueduct at 6.30 a.m. and all set up and sitting at the secret hideaway waiting for the sunrise. Out of luck today, no sunrise the sun had hidden behind the clouds. 

Spent about 2 hours at this place, we decided to pack up and go straight to Llangollen Station.  About 3 miles from Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, reached the car park which cost £0.70 pences for 2 hours.  This was an offer which normally will cost about 3 or 4 times for parking. Llangollen Railway is a volunteer run preserved railway  in Denbighsire.  The trains operate from LLangollen and Carrog about 7.5 miles. The trains run daily on summer and weekend during winter months. During the winter, there  is a variety of steam and diesel locomotive operating.

This is the Riverside Water Park and across the bridge is the LLangollen Railway. River Dee is next to the Llangollen Station. 

Instead of trekking along the River Dee, we follow the direction on the sign post lead to the Horseshoe Pass. It about 3 miles before we came upon the valley of River Dee where the Abby ruins and beautiful view from Dinas Brana Castle view. In fact, we didn't realised that we haven't reach the horseshore pass but half way through before we decided to turn to a different direction to Corwen. My mistake was that I thought the beautiful waterfall is in this town but it is not.

We came across the Corwen Bridge over River Ceiriog. The pastures full of Corwen cattles.

We had no idea how to go to the waterfall which supposed  in Corwen. The navigator can't direct us to there. So we had no choice but to packed up and go home. About 3 miles  we came across this different and beautiful river view which was hidden by rolling valleys and pastures with locked gates.
We stop our car and wandered along the green pastures hoping for a way to go to this river at the bottom of the rolling valleys.

A few hundred yards away from our parked car, there is a gate which tied by rope. We untied it and go through this gate and all the way down the rolling pastures but we had to climbed the barriers stones with spikes. After at least 3 different levels of barriers, we finally came across a plenty hut which meant for those walkers whom with permits for bird watchings or fishing. This place is a treasure hunt to me. The hut look so cool and we enjoy taking some photos of ourselves which we never do something like this crazy before.  Further down the slope, we finally came across River Ceiriog. It is so peaceful and beautiful.

We are aware that we were not allow to trespass against someone property. We just can't resist the beautiful scenery to take some photos back with us. I couldn't believe that my husband whom alway abided with the law willingly to do something like this with me. I feel my life is getting more exciting while getting older.

About 3.00 p.m., my husband was quite knackered and he need his little nap before he able to drive anymore. Ar last, we packed up and ready to head back home. "Ya, home!" but on our way home, we saw that one of the hill in River Dee Valley caught fire.

 Had to stop the car and took a few pictures of this before we carry on the way home. About 2 miles from this road, suddenly I saw  the Viaduct which for the Llangollen Railway. So we stopped at here  and have a look. The Chainbridge Hotel is on one side of River Dee and it is link with a Chain Bridge where you can walk across this chain bridge to the other side of River Dee.

Finally, I daren't try to test the patience of my old man as he still had about 3 hours to drive back home.  We shouldn't try to crank all the sight-seeing in one day. As the day progress on I realised that this Denbighshire County worth a few days trekking around the valleys and rivers. A 5 Stars score for this place.  Now I hoping to persuade my old man to bring me there again as there are still a lot tourist attractions which worth a visit.