Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Visiting of farms around Burntwood and Brownhill

On Sunday, instead of staying at home managed to get my husband to go for a walk.  My husband is not a keen walker and he prefer to drive instead of walk. Driving around where we are living and about 3 miles, we came across the posh residential area. There was a beautiful cottage which the roof was made of hay.  The home owners have  planted beautiful flowers in front of their houses. One of the home with a beautiful Blossom tree and the gentleman told me that he was forced to cut off the tree from growing too high.

It was a sunny day with birds singing so we drove on and came into the strawberries farms. It was known as Coutler Farm where there were strawberries for pickings. The strawberries which you picked up at there was free and you only pay for those you  wanted to bring home. There were lot of craved metal steels built over rows and rows of plants. I am not sure whether it was to protect the strawberries plants from getting too much sunshines.

About 300 yards, there was another farm with rows and rows of yellow plants. I have no ideas what these plants were called but they were beautiful.

 We drove to Brownhill.  From the A5 opposite to the Brownhill Common there is the Nature Reserve Park, known as Shire Oak Park. We drove to the residential areas instead of the town centre where there was a beaten track lead to a National Reserve Park lying along the canal.

Walking along this beaten track and there were lot of different brick bridges built over the canal. This reserve were popular with youngsters with their bikes.  The canal was used for activities such as canoeing, water skiing and sailing.

After walking for an hour with the sun going down. I daren't to go any further and decided to trek back to the car where my husband was waiting for me. Quite happy with this walk as we can't go anywhere too far at the moment due to there is a tankers strike coming and lot of petrol stations were running out of petrol.
Scored for these places is 1 star.
Photos were taken by my husband and myself
Dated: 1st April 2012

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