Sunday, 15 April 2012

A walk in my hometown

In Uk the tankers are planning for a strike. Everyone rushes to fill up their cars so that most of the petrol kiosks are running out of petrol. So for these following two weeks, we can't go anywhere afar and have to stay at home. Instead of staying at home so I planned to do something different. To stay fit and will walk for at least 3 to 4 hours around my home towns. I have never really visit any of the places around my home town but always drive through or bypass it. 

My friends decided to go with me for this walk to keep fit.  We came to the Swan Island and there is a little park which we stay in here to take some photos of the flowers.

Nothing interesting but plenty of flowers.  Mother nature are giving us a sunny day with plenty of beautiful flowers.  Today, I will enjoyed myself taking flowers shots.

Walking along the neighbourhood, some rare birds were singing and some even nesting. It was quiet and peaceful where there were only 3 of us talking, walking and taking photos. Amazing, we had walked about 4 miles now and came across the England smallest Park.  This is the first time which this park was opened which normally when we bypassed it was alway closed.

This smallest park was known as Prince's Park. It was the smallest park in England and it was also named in the Guinness Book. This park was created to commemorate the marriage of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. The 3 trees were named Faith, Hope and Charity.

This park was built in the middle of a road. After taking a few photos and we came upon the farms which about 400 yards from the park. We do not want to take any photos of the strawberries farm but we were more interested in the rapeseed plants farms. Unfortunately, the strawberries farm were very smelling due to the fertiliser. Lucky the rapeseed plants farms do not had any of the fertiliser on the soil so we were able to stay there to take some photos.

We decided to pack up and walked back home. With the signboard showing the direction for us to head home and it will be another 3 miles before we reached home. We started our walk at 5.00 p.m. and reached my home at 8.30 p.m. Lucky, my husband was very smart today and had prepared dinner for us to eat when we reached home.  We ended our walk with a lovely dinner and sat down to chat again till midnight.  What a nice way to end my day. 

Photos was taken by me
Date of the walk: 8.4.2012

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