Thursday, 9 May 2013

Trekking at the Passy Plateau,France - Day 2- 25.2.2013

This morning the weather was misty until about 8.30 a.m. when the sun shine on the mountains Alps. Beautiful mountains view can be see clearly at the front of the hotel.

After took some photos of the surroundings around the hotel. We went to the cafe for a cup of coffee and tea. We drove to the top of the Passy Plateau where lot of tourists were getting ready for their skiing. The scenic views up to the mountains ranges is amazing beautiful.

The highest  Peak is known as Alguile d' Ayeres at 2,610 m. The temperature at this place was minus 9. These alps also catered for  small children skiing with instructors looking after the children. We spent 2 hours walking and trekking around the Piste and went to the Natural Reserve Centre. The staff is so kind and show us how to use the telescope to view the mountains peaks. It is free to trek around at this mountains ranges and during Summer there is hiking, trekking, rock climbing and diving to be arranged with guides around at this centre.

After two and half hours on this Plateau, we drove to the Passy National Reserve Park where there are two lakes and a river. These  lakes are for special species inhabitant. Happily enjoying my walk around the lakes and then we proceed to Chamonix.

On the way to Chamonix and saw Carefour. We stopped for  a while to do some shopping and walk into the centre of Chamonix. Looking for the tourists information centre and been told that it was too late to go for Aiguille de Midi as the last trip up to the mountains is 3.30 p.m. We have to come again tomorrow.

We walk and shop around the town centre of Chamonix, have our dinner at one of the Chinese restaurant and it cost 35.00 euro for the meal of two person. Back to the hotel at 9.00 p.m.

Place: Passy Plateau, Passy National Reserve Park and Chamonix.
Photos by: Robert Suen and Catherine Suen
Scored: 9 stars
Dated: 25th February 2013