Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A day trip to Chapel en le frith,Buxton

Being travelling to North Wales and Manchester for the last few weeks. I have never expected my husband to offer to drive me for a photo walk. Make a quick check on the google search for any interesting places where I can take some of the sunset photos. Found this place The Roaches from hen Cloud. Loved the pictures in the google search engine but unable to find the postcode. So when my husband told me that it was alright if I had the attitude of the place and then the navigator will able to find the place.

When my husband searched for the place and it give the road name as Chapel en le Frith in Buxton. I thought that was the place where I wanted to go. From my home it took about 45 minutes drive to there so this was consider as a short journey. Unfortunately on our way to Ashbourne, roads works was on and the major road was closed. So taken us about one and half hours to reached Ashbourne, we stopped at here for a tea break.

 Ashbourne is famous for the rolling prairies which during weekends you can see lot of motorcyclists will stop at here for a break and drive through this National Park known as the Peak. Driving about half an hour, we stopped at a farmhouse to take some photos with the beautiful clouds formations.

Happily taking photos and didn't realise that something was not right. In fact we had been driving for about two and half hours and still had not see any sign post leading to the Roaches from Hen Cloud. We had no choice it seem we had wrongly key in the wrong address. In fact, we came into a town by the name of Chapel en le Frith. We stopped at a pub and my husband is too knackered for any walk about.  So I went around to make enquired where we are and what is there to see in this little town.

Walked about 1 mile into  the residential areas and there was a man washing his car. So approached the man and asked him whether he know where is The Roaches in Buxton but he had not heard of this name due to I had given him the wrong spelling of the place. Instead he directed me to go to see the double rail bridges which is popular in this town. When we arrived to the destination of the double rail bridges then I realised it was Viaduct Domination in Derbyshire.  So I had came to the correct place but the wrong town and that was why I can't find the Roaches of Hen Clouds.

So disappointed with this long drive which took us three and half hours to reach here for nothing and there another 3 hours drive back home. Later when I researched for this place again and
 realised that it was the wrong town and this National Park - the Peak covered a big stretches of rolling hills and valleys and it depended on which directions we are going because different locations there are different scenic views.

I don't think I want to go this place or the Roach again as a lot of roads works going around these places and an hour journey became 3 hours. Scored for this is 1 star and not recommend for anyone if you want to take spectacular photos, this is not the place.

 The photos were taken by Robert and myself
  Date which we visited this place was: 19/3/2012.


  1. What a pity! However, the shots you got at Ashburne is amazing!!!!!!!! The place looks so idyllic~ Perfect for relaxtion or retirement! Great to see your photography skills are improving and you've got someone to share your interest with! ^^

    1. Thanks TY, I hope my photography can get better than what I am doing at the moment. There are lot of photoshop to learn to make the picture perfect which I still unable to do.
      Ashbourne is a beautiful place and it is only appreciated by the bikers, hikers, the locals and tourists whom keen in hiking and trekking.
      Luckily, my husband share the same interest so he don't mind driving me around. This is the first opportunity for both of us to enjoy the scenic views of United Kingdom.