Thursday, 26 July 2012

Trekking in Yellow Dragon Waterfall-Lantau-Day 20

Packed and ready for our trek to Yellow Dragon Waterfall in Lantau Island. Took our breakfast at Tai Mo market near to Tung Chung Bus Station but I wanted to take MTR to there as it was faster than train.  I was totally wrong on this, as taking bus, it was a direct bus to Tung Chung Bus Station but to take trams we had to change several times and got into the wrong tram that caused all the delay.

It was Sunday the train station were full of overseas domestic workers due to their day off and the trams and trains were full of all these workers. It was packed and noise level was extremely high also. Yesterday when we went to Tung Chung by bus we didn't have all these problems.

We were late for half an hours even we left our house at 8.00 a.m. when we met with Echo and her husband we had to take a taxi to meet our friends from the Pui Pui Trekking Group as they started their trek first so that they don't have to wait for us.

We were sincerely so sorry about this delay and this trip was more expensive by taking taxi instead of walking the first section. Finally, we reached the Wong Lung Hang Shaft, which like a fountain where all the water pass through this shaft. Some of the members can't resist the cool clear water and jump into the water for a swim.

After about 10 to 15 minutes relaxing around the water. Following the shaft there was a ladder where we climbed up and follow the trek leading to the Yellow Dragon Fall.  We had trekking all the the way uphill for about 2 hours and we were s especially slow due we keep stopping to take photos.

Thanks for Kin Yau whom arrange with Leong, Echo's husband for this trekking to be easy so that we had plenty of times to enjoy ourselves and taking photos. If without us along they already trek up  to the top of the Yellow Dragon Grand Fall.

When we were half way up to the Yellow Dragon Fall we stopped here for our lunch. The water  flowing down the main fall was crystal clear and we collected the water to boil tea and coffee and also cooked pot noodle for lunch. We bought our bottle water and cake and bread buns for our lunch.

Enjoyed an hour lunch break and soaking in the water from the waterfall. Then we started our uphill toward the Yellow Dragon Grand Fall. Echo and Zoesw  preferred to stay at this site and looking the backpacks for us.  It was much easier climb without our backpack and it took us about an hour  to reach the Grand Fall.

Due to it had been raining for the last few days, the grand fall were in full fall and the water was silky water. With silky heavy falls from the waterfall so swimming and relaxing in the water. Both myself and husband daren't swim due to our cameras weren't waterproof so we only able to soak our feets in the water.

When we reached the top of the Grand Fall, we felt as we had achieved something amazing as we look around the serenity of the forest with Lantau hills surrounding  the grand fall. I have never know Hong Kong have any National Reserve but this trip back to Hong Kong was a totally new experience as Hong Kong is well known for shopping paradise but there still another side of Hong Kong which I had never seen before.  I am happy and glad to meet lot of new friends in my trekking expeditions.

After took some photos and we went back downhill to look for our friends. Zoesw and her brother have gone back home to visit their mother.  So we walked back to Wong Lung Hang to take a tram. Reached Tung Chung unfortunately it started to rain again. 

We to stop at Sunny Bay for a while unfortunately it still raining. We split our way and some members went back home. So we went with Kin Yau and his son to the restaurant at Mong Kok to have dinner with Echo and Leong.  After our dinner we were so knackered to walk anymore and we went back home.

I would like to thank Echo and her family and Kin Yau and his family for this warm welcome for this Hong Kong trip. Also for Pui Pui Trekking Group in Hong Kong whom make my dream come true as I have never been trekking up hills before and these trips up to the mountains was a life time experience and without their guidance I or my husband daren't go trekking up hills.

So for anyone who have a chance to visit Hong Kong please make some time to go trekking into the mountains in Hong Kong the scenery is serenity and peaceful and full of nature which mother nature gifted to this earth. If anyone interested in trekking expeditions in Hong Kong here is the link for you to visit. This trekking group go round Hong Kong national reserves every week for trekking and they have lot of new members going weekly.

Place: Yellow Dragon Fall, Lantau Island, Sunny Bay and Mong Kok
Scored for these places: 5 stars
Link for the trekking Group:
Trekking Group : 綠圈圈
Photos: By Robert Suen and Catherine Tan
 Dated: 20/5/2012