Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Travelling to Hong kong and Macao -2010-Part 1

Departure from Singapore to Hong Kong with my family, relatives and friends. We reach Hong Kong about 7.00 p.m. and arrange to meet our friends at the terminal as they took the earlier flight to Hong Kong. My friends and their family enjoy a few hours at the Lantau Island the Giant Buddha at Po Lin Monastery. Not far from the airport  where you can reach there by bus and take a cable car to the Lantau Island. 

Spent a night with our relatives' houses. Next day, our trip started with a early breakfast with dim sum that take at least 2 hours in the Tai Po Market. Take an MTR to Mongkok which is famous for its theme streets and fascinating street markets. Round the corner on Tung Choi Street is the popular ladies market, sportswear street on Ta Yuen Street. This is the place where you can get trendy sports wears and sports equipments. There are the colourful goldfish market at the northern end, and the nearby flower market and Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. All these streets are named after shops or stalls selling flowers, goldfish, puppies, birds and sports wear.  

Unfortunately, read the bad news from Hong Kong papers that these areas been caught fire in 2011.  There are 9 people died and 36 people are hurt  due to inhale of smoke from the shops at the bottom.

We have shopped for the whole day, knackered and hungry.  So decided to go to Lan kwai Fong, as there is a restaurant Yung Kee Restaurant famous for goose tights. We have to wait for 2 hours for 2 tables. We are lucky that during this month,  Lan Kwai Fong is having a German beerfest festival 2011.  Enjoyed an hour and half roaming around the stalls and pubs. Lan Kwai Fong is famous for the pubs where lot of overseas tourist love to visit the pubs.

There are about 60 or more booths offering savoury foods, fine beers and interactive games. Lan Kwai Fong is so popular for clubbing, drinking and discos.  In 1st January 1993, 21 people died and 48 injured in a large scale human stampede whilst celebrating the New Year in Lan Kwai Fong. After wandering at the beerfest, it is time for our dinner but we have to cut short our trip due to heavy rain and can't go to visit The Peak in the night.

We have plan to go to Macao the next day. In fact, in our Hong Kong trip we only spent times just shopping and eating but not sight-seeing. Due to my father-in-law has a fall and had been hospitalised.  My times have to spend on visiting and shopping with my relatives and friends. In fact, there are plenty of nice places for visiting  but not enough times. My relatives and friends have only 3 days in Hong Kong, our times are more constrain and trying to squeeze everything into these 3 days. I will write about my trip to Macao on the next few days.

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