Sunday, 25 December 2011

Shopping at Birmingham - German Night Market

I would like to wish all friends  whom visit my blogger. "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year -2012"

On last Wednesday, my day off.  Shopping at Birmingham Bull ring to get last minutes presents for my son and daughter. As my son has decided he will not join the school trip to Morocco in July 2012. As this trip will be a Christmas present for him. On the way to Birmingham, what an amazing sight,  is a group of horses forming one circle enjoying themselves eating hay. I have never seen such a beautiful scene before and could not stop myself taking photos of them.

The horse breeder let us take some photos of his horses. The horse breeder's wife let us know that her baby is the most beautiful poser and wonder whether we would like a photo of her baby. I could not resist this opportunity and take up her offer. She let us know that since she is childless and the horses are her babies.  All his love for his horses are shown on his face.

All the above horses are Irish Cross breed. They are trained for cross jumping. Thanks to the horse breeder and his wife warm welcome. We spent an enjoyable hour with their horses. After that we carry on with our journey to Birmingham.  Reach the Bull ring, take a break and have a cup of latte and enjoy the scene of christmas lighting in the bull ring.

After one hour browsing into the shops, manage to get 2 presents for my son. Have totally forgotten that there is a German night market outside the Bull ring. At the night markets, stalls display all the Christmas goodies, handbags and jewellery. Especially the german sausages stalls  where they grilled the sausages and the beers which most enjoyable.

 Nice to take some of the photos of this night market but not for shopping due to it is too packed with shoppers. Spent 2 hours around the night market taking christmas lights.

Most of the shops already have great discounts on even it is not yet boxing day. I have spent almost 4 to 5 hours taking pictures and my children are waiting at home for me to cook dinner for them. So have to pack up and go back home for dinner.

On my way back to the car park, have to take the last few photos of the place. Pleased to know that my son are happy with his presents.

Once again *A Merry Christmas and A Happy, Happy New Year -2012* to all my friends and readers.

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