Friday, 6 January 2012

River Garden - Belper, Derbyshires

Driving to work yesterday,  the weather is horrible with a gale blowing about 60 to 70 mph. On the way, saw the River Trent had risen up to the grassland. Wondering what will happen  to River Derwent will be in this storming weather. Reach the River Garden in Belper,  opposite the River Garden is River Derwent.

This is the River Garden which is all bare of flowers due to winter season. Across the road you can see the River Derwent. River Derwent is the longest river in Derby, the length is about 50 odd miles. Its run a short passage through the city of Derby which it is  completely a rural river and then finally join River Trent, South Derby.

There is a East mill around the corner.  The weir is below the East mill complex.  It flow into the first 3 Derwent Valley Reservoirs.  Which was built in 20th Century to the growing demand for water from the expanding cities of Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leicester.

This areas has been flood in 2002 and 2007 which cause chaos to the surrounding houses and business. The water is so stormy with a high tide. With this stormy weather going on for a few days. I have never expect to see a  rainbow on my way to work the next day at the same time.

We have to drive about 98 miles to work everyday but we never get tired of driving up and down to work with this beautiful scenic view which we can see everyday. These are some of the photos which I have took in Autumn season. At the Derbyshire Dales.

We have been driving to work for 5 years now. Every different seasons the areas around here will bring a new lease of life with different colours to add to the green. I give these areas around Derbyshire a thumb up.  A score of 5 Stars for it.

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