Sunday, 8 January 2012

Been harassed and bully of racial abuses by teenage in Sheffield, UK

I know this is the blog where I write my travelling. Today, I am writing the experience which we have been suffering in the hands of teenage for the racial abuses in Sheffield. I need to write this out or else will go mentally crazy which I have no help from the society.

We manage a chinese Takeaway shop in Halifax, sheffield, UK in year 2008. When we took over the shop. we have a group of teenage which comes to bare their naked bums on our shop windows. Normally, I just ignore them and not laugh at their stupid antics.  These make the matter worse that you just not bother by them. They started by throwing stones and sticks and branches from the tree at the shop windows. We have to let down the gate and stop trading. These young guys just laugh when they see what our fear. They take advantage of our fear and getting more daring. They lighted the sticks with fire and throw at our shop. Luckily these been caught by the video of the next shop. The teenage are been warned and we have police patrol our area.

We have a peaceful year, But another group comes back again in 2010. First week of January 2010, which I hate the most, they will bare their naked backsides on the window to show you then throw snowballs at the shop. We have to do the same thing again let down the gate and stop trading that night. We only suffer for 2 days only so it is alright for us to bear it.

Same things happened again for year 2011. We have to suffer and bear it and carry on trading.

This year 2012, same things happen again on Friday, we have been harass and mentally tortured by another 3 teenage. They bare their naked bum on our windows again, throw bottle and water on the window. They keep their antics up to 1 and  half hours, we ignore it and bear it. Called the police twice for help, they only ask us to let down the gate and give us a reference number. The problems we have is no proof. There are no help from anyone or the society and we are lost and do not know what to do next.

A peaceful saturday night of trading. But not so lucky for today, they are here again. My heart is bleeding see these few hooligans again and doesn't know what to do now.  My husband call the police again and giving them the same reference number which are given to us on Friday.  They are getting more daring with our fear. I am prepare with my camera to take some photos of these guy to show to the police.  Start baring his bum in the shop window again and starting to call out abuse to me. *fxxking chingay bastards*  and *I want to shxg you for a long time now* They are getting more furious and it see their jokes on us are at fever pitch that they becomes more daring.

They have been going on and on for about 45 minutes. Call to the police station again for help the second times.  No choice, we have to let down the gate and stop trading again. But these teenage seen to enjoy our fear more than anything. Come and kick the door and the gate and trying to take photos of me.  I am getting panic now and not sure what the young guy will do. Call the police station another 2 more times for help, we can't take it anymore as it is more than 1 hour and half and they are still bully us non-stop and we do not know what to do now. We can only lock ourselves in the shop again and pray for the police to be here soon.

As you can see the guy stick his naked bum at the gate of the shop. Thank God! our fifth calls to the police has been answered. They are here, 2 police cars, come to the shop and another chasing the young guys.  The young guy wearing a black hood been caught and the police need proof to charge him. Luckily for us this time. my camera is ready and printed out the photos to show him that the face of the guy and his bare naked bum showing in the photos.

We are so depressed by these mental torturing from these young guys. It make me daren't to walk in Sheffield in the night and worrying anytime will be target by these guys or another group again. We are trying to earn a living to survive but it seem the society is not welcoming us to stay in here.  Why are we been target for these racial abuses. What are the parents doing, do they aware what their children doing. Causing chaos around to the businesses around these areas. Will be protected by the police or will be target again the next time?

I am so sick of it and if I can give up the shop, without any burdens of lease which we have signed on. I will give up the shop today. I am scared, having depression and suffering phobia of attacks again. I am not sure whether this is a sick world or England youngsters have lost of directions.

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