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Travelling to Hong kong and Macao -2010-Part 2

I suppose to complete my part 2 of this travelling record 2 weeks ago. Due to trouble in my shop and have to stop trading within 2 weeks after New Year. At least now with a peace of mind, I am able to write again even though I am jobless now.

After taking our breakfast, we took the MTR to Kowloon station to take a ferry to Macau. The ferry fare per person is HK$150.00. This price is quite expensive if you book the hotel in Macau, which  comes with free package deals of free ferry tickets, breakfast and ferry tickets to Zhuhai,China.  A superior  room in a 5-stars hotel cost about HK$780 to HK$870.00 depending on the promotion. It is the best way to stay for a night or 2 so that there will be enough time to sight-seeing Zhuhai, China which is a beautiful city and worth a visit for shopping and food. The ferry trip took 1 hour to reach Macau.

Macau is a former Portuguese colony makes more money from gambling than anywhere in the world. It's home to the world's largest casino, The Venetian. When we reach the harbour. There are free coaches to take you to the Venetian which is free of charge. These coaches are to ferry visitors to the casino and hotel but they do not check whether you are their customers. All are welcome to go a visit of the The Venetian.

We spent about 2 hours in The Venetian which are mix of different hotels combine together with lot of different casinos around it. We are too hungry to carry on walking around the hotels and with children not allow in the casinos. We decided to take a taxi to the Senado Square. At this Square, where shops catering a fabulous of Portuguese and Chinese food. Many restaurants are expensive.  When you walk along the square there are line of vendors who are more than happy to give their food away for as tasters. From just baked cookies to crispy slices of super sweet fried pork. This is a great way to fill up and sample Macau's snacks.

We spent hours in this square where we buy the cookies and other snacks as gift for friends and relatives.  From this square all the way up there is the Ruins of St Paul's. It's only the facade remains of what was once the Jesuit Cathedral. The rest destroyed by fire. We can climb up and see the ruins from close quarters. Museum of sacred Art and Crypt near to site and it worth a visit.

This is the formula 1 racing track. Also free admission for the tourist attractions are A-Ma Temple and Gula Fort. After our shopping and sight-seeing, we take the taxi back to the The Venetian and City of Dreams Casino. The most impressive visual show of lasers of lights in a giant dome in the City of Dreams -The Bubble.

We are so happy wandering  around the The Venetian but due to we need to catch the ferry back to Hong Kong on the same night. There is a mad rush for ferry as everyone try to catch the early ferry back to Hong Kong. We reach Hong Kong about 11.15 pm and have to catch the last MTR and train back to Tai Po Market. We have manage to reach Tai Po about 12.00 a.m. and lucky there is still a food shop still open so that we can have our dinner before we take the mini bus back home.

Last day for my friends as their flight is in the afternoon, so we spent the morning in Tai Po Market to have Dim sum and then go shopping in Flower street again. Time for my friends to go back to Singapore.  Meeting up with an old friend Echo, I have not see her for about 24 years. We have dinner at a restaurant and thank to Echo for a memory night.

The next day, my sisters and nephew are going back to Singapore. We spent some times together before we depart to the airport.

Times are flying fast and then all my relatives and friends are back to Singapore. As it will be my last day in Hong Kong. This day, we spent some times visit my father-in-law and some of the relatives in Hong Kong.

Back home 3 months later, have a good new from Hong Kong that my father-in-law has recovered from his fall. He is home now and able to walk again. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law had a fall on 22.12.2011 and she is still in hospital. Wish her speedy recovery from her fall and awaiting to hear the good new for her recovery soon.

I would like to thank to my sisters, nephews, sister-in-law and cousins and all my friends in Singapore and Hong Kong whom make our these trips to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau such happy memorable days. Three Cheers, Cheers, Cheers to all my relatives and friends.

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