Thursday, 19 January 2012

A day at Roman Baths and Lichfield Cathedral

I have been living in Lichfield for more than 10 years. Amazing is that I have never notice that this city is full of history. Till I have spent a day visiting the Roman baths in Wall then visit the Lichfield Cathedral.  Have no ideas that this day bring me so much pleasures and knowledge of the place.

It take about 15 minutes from my place to Wall. Where there is a Roman Baths ruins.  There is a car park which is free round the corner of the Roman Baths ruins. With the signboard showing you the walking paths which lead to this Roman baths ruins. This excavated Roman bathhouse used to be a important Roman staging post, also including Roman Inn and bathhouse.

After spending half an hour around this ruin, we have proceed to the Lichfield Cathedral. This Cathedral is also well known for *The three spired Cathedral* and it is one of last 3-spired Cathedrals in England. The three spired Cathedral is built in 1195 to 1934.  Lichfield have suffered severe damage during the English civil war.

During this English Civil war, in which all the stained glass was destroyed. In spite of this, the windows of the Cathedral contain some of the finest Medieval Flemish painted glass in existence.

The Nave of Cathedral was started in 1260. The octagonal Chapter House, completed in 1249. It is one of most beautiful parts of the Cathedral for charming stone carvings.

We have enjoy this visit to the Cathedral and proceed to the Lichfield Town Centre. But the town centre is like a dead town due there are more shops closed then trading. In the town centre there are lot of cafes and teashops where you can have a cup of tea or a all day breakfast at a price of £3.00 with tea or coffee. It is a value for money.

Near to the Cathedral, there is a park to wander around.  It is amazing that at this time in January, when wandering around the park, there is a cherry tree blooming glory that I couldn't resist myself to  take some photos of it.

I am surprised that this is the place where we walk pass almost everyday, but are not aware about the history of this place.  At least now, I take some times to appreciate the surroundings of this place whenever I am in town. 

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