Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sunset at Heage Windmill,Derbyshire

On Tuesday, 20th March, my son wanted a pair of trekking shoes as he need this for trainings to a charity trekking in Morocco. I decided to go to Mansfield where the branded designers shops are based which all branded items or goods selling at a 20% to 50% discounts. Bought 4 pairs of Clark shoes for my brother in Singapore and 3 pairs of lady shoes for Trixiebella and 1 pair for Rayshauun. Quite happy that I able to get a rucksack  for him also.

By the time we finished shopping it about quarter to 6.00 p.m. The sun is starting to go down and asked my husband "Is there any hills or lakes in Derbyshire where we can take some photos of this sunset."
Been told by my husband "Yes" but he does not know where. So drove through Derbyshire where there is a sign post showing tourist track. We followed this winding country track and about 6 km, we saw the windmill on a little hill slope.

Parked our car at the roadside, walked up to the to the beaten track where there was a sign showing that this windmill is closed to public till end of March. It will be open in April to September.
Along the tracks there were houses with cherry trees in front gardens and the whole village look quite pretty and quirky. Followed the track there was a gate, followed this gate allowed us to go into the little hill where the windmill was standing proud and grand.

We came across another gate, then reached this windmill. As we were busy taking photos on the cherry trees, almost missed the sunset as I thought it will took at least an hour or two before the sun goes down. Surprised it only took about a couple of minutes before the sun totally disappeared and the whole little hillside became dark. At least we managed to capture a few photos with the sunset but not quite a spectacular ones due to we missed out.

No doubt it is not a great place but just love the clouds formations and the lights from the sunset which made this place lightened up.

Quite enjoyed ourselves with this little walk at such a beautiful spot and hope you will like it.

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