Friday, 2 December 2011

Travelling to Singapore in 2010- Part 1

My family decided to take a trip back home to visit relatives and friends in Singapore and Hong Kong. The cheapest way to go back Singapore is via Hong Kong then book a flight back to Singapore. I have found the cheapest air ticket to Hong Kong was KLM which is 345.00 gbp per person 30th June 2010. We leave at birmingham Airport and transit in Germany. Unfortunately, we missed the flight in transit and have to wait for another 4 hours to transit to Switzerland to take our flight to Hong Kong. It take us one and half day to reach Hong Kong. Spent 1 night in Hong kong and the next day we leave for Singapore.

We are able to find food stalls are open in the morning at 4.00 a.m and have a early breakfast. The weather in Hong Kong is very hot and we are knackered by the time we have to take our flight to Singapore.

My sister had booked the tickets from Hong Kong to Singapore on our behalf and it cost about 100.00 gbp per person by Tiger Airlines. The booking are done online. This trip to Singapore are special as my sister-in-law and children have not been to Singapore before. So I will take them around and see Singapore through the eyes of holiday maker instead of a native Singaporean.

Thank to my sister, whom let us stay with her. So in this trip, we had saved our hotel fees. There are lot of 3 stars hotels in Singapore which cost about S$65.00 to S$80.00 or more depending on the size of room. Also there are lot of chalets to let in Pasir Ris Beach, the price range are about S$150.00 and above... depending on the weekdays or weekend. Paisr Ris Beach are not crowded and only native will go there in the weekend to bbq, cycling and swimming. There are food court where you can eat and wandering around the coastline.

On our first day, visited the beach then go for food hunting. Singapore have lot of hawkers centres and food courts serving different culture dishes. The food are beautiful and cheap. The most famous fruits in Singapore are durians. We went to the temple where the chinese worship their gods and paid their respect. The transport here are easy with buses and MRT. Chinatown are the place where the stalls and hawkers sellers selling all the chinese goodies. The buildings in here are 2 storey shop front and not tall buildings.

Next day, a visit to Sentosa. The ticket to this place is expensive, it cost up to S$120.00 or more per person to visit all the attractions and theme park. Also there is a Universal Studios and the ticket is separate from the Sentosa. This island comes with beach, theme parks, underwater ocean, butterfly park,  military fort and etc..

Dinner in a restaurant Ang Mo Kio and serving seafood dishes. We have to wait for about 2 hours before a table been found for us to seat about 10 people.

Spent the day meeting with my old classmates and having lunch in a Japanese restaurant. Buffet at this restaurant is about S$24.00 per person in Orchard Plaza.  Enjoyed the day with my friends as I have not see them for about 20 years.

We go to the Marina Bay where dominated by the Marina Bay Sands, there are shopping malls, hotels,casino, convention center, museum and the Marina Barrage.

I will continue the 2nd part of our Singapore Trip on another day.

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