Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Travelling to Singapore in 2010- Part 2

I did not know how difficult it is to write about the country where you are born and living for more than 30 years. Now I have to write in the eyes of a tourist that is the reason why it take me so long to finish my 2nd part of travelling to Singapore.

For the last few days in Singapore, all we do is eat, sight-seeing and visiting friends and relatives. We still have one thing which we haven't do yet.  That's shopping. So for today, we spent our whole day shopping for gifts and items which we need to get.

Bugis Junction is a shopping complex where joined by a few shopping complexs together and where we can travel by MRT direct to the shopping centres.  Here we get all items which we need and it is grand sales months where most of the great discounts are on.  Near Bugis Junction, there is a "pasar malam"  at Bugis Street which is similar to night markets where stalls selling crafts, clothings, watches, food and etc. About 15 minutes walk from Bugis to Bras Basah  complex where you can get secondhand books such as romance books, fiction and non fictions books, comics and manga books are at a special prices which is only cost one third of the original price. Good bargains which you can't get from anywhere.

Opposite to this Bras Basah complex, there are shops which are famous for the Hainaness chicken rice. One of the popular dishes in Singapore.
For the night, my friend arrange for transport to take us to Singapore Zoo Night Safari Tour. Unfortunately, this is not a very good experience which is a waste of money and times. We have a long queue and also we are not allow to take any photos due to it will frighten the animals. There are so many different animals in this zoo but due to it is night time, totally can't see any of the animals. I would recommend not to waste money on this but go to the Singapore zoo in the day time where you can see so many different species animals in there.
During the animals show, something funny happened which is the world largest python escape from the cage. The zookeepers in the above photo, found that she is hidden under the seats of the crowds. It needed about 6 people to hold this python.

One last day left in Singapore, we decided no sight-seeing anymore but shopping is more important. Orchard Road in Singapore where all posh brands of goods are selling in there.  So it is a must for us to get something from there.
  At the Orchard Road, there are plenty of shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and food courts where you can enjoy yourself with either Dim Sum, High Tea, Buffets or food in the food courts. Prices of food in here are reasonable and lot of bargain goods to get from here. June and July are the grand sales in Singapore.

Last night in Singapore, my sister arrange for all family members and friends gathering at her house.  We have lot of friends and family members coming for dinner.  The next day, my sisters, nephew, friends and their family members are going with us to visit Hong Kong for a few days.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sisters and family members, my friends for making this trip so memorable and enjoyable that my children and relatives want to visit Singapore again soon.

Also my nephew dog, Danny whom has passed away peacefully in November 2012. We all missed him.

Our trip do not end here, my sisters, nephew and friends are joining us to Hong Kong. I will write our trip to Hong Kong and Macau in my blog soon.
More of our trips to Hong Kong and Macau will be coming soon.

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