Saturday, 17 December 2011

Walking in the Severn Gorge, Shropshire

I have heard of Iron Bridge in Telford, but have not been there before. This Coalbrookdale district used to be a centre of industry for  smelting iron with coke instead of charcoal. The founder Abraham Darby I, new innovation which changed the world. This district became the foremost industrial in the world. Unfortunately, the area fell into decay due to decline in demand. Now,  native has reclaimed  sites once ruled by industry, making Coalbrookdale a lovely setting  for a walk rich in natural beauty as well as historical interest.

There is a car park in front the Gorge Museum. From here follow the path way to the Iron bridge. The cast iron bridge is built across river Severn in 1779.  This famous cast iron bridge attracts lot of tourists and painters in the early days. England first bear makers "Merrythought Teddy Bear" is established in 1930. There is a Merrythought Teddy Bear Museum which is 5 minutes away from the car park. Its worth a visit.

Iron bridge is the world's first arch bridge made of cast iron. The workmanship of this bridge is amazing. 

Opposite this Iron bridge are rows of shop houses where there are hotels, B&B, cafes and gift shops and also there is a market place.  It is beautiful little town with lot of Christmas decorations on.

Following the public footpaths of the iron bridge there lead to a number of sites of national nature conservation. Due to shortage of time, didn't have a chance to trek into the reserve.  I have manage to capture some of the nature around the river severn

Iron bridge has problem of flooding from River Severn, as other parts of Shropshire. In Year 2004 and 2006, flooding caused much damage and disruption  to the wharfage, local business and private homes.

Enjoying my stroll with this fabulous views at Severn Gorge. Those whom love trekking and strolling,   this woodland, grassland and other countryside  within the Ironbridge Gorge with the dramatic landscape is recommended.

Scored for this place: 3 stars

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