Thursday, 8 November 2012

Trip to Venice - our 1st day in Italy - 14/10/12

We bought  cheap flight tickets, from Ryanair at £24 return per person. The first day, at Venice, we arrived at Trieste Airport as schedule. Trieste Airport is a small airport in Italy and after our check out, we walked to the exit, the pay machine is next to the exit door on the right (bus ticket) to Monfalcone. Luckily there was a student called Francisco who showed how to use the pay machine and the destination for Venice. The cost of the bus ticket was $1.10 Euro per person.
Unfortunately we needed to take the train to reach  Venice, as the train workers were on strike, however some trains were not affected by this and managed to catch a train to Venice. The bus we took was 51 on weekdays it arrives every half an hour, on weekend only one bus at every hour. Having narrowly missing the earlier bus by minutes, we waited for 2 hours. When the bus arrived Francisco kindly asked around if anyone was going to Monfalcone and if anyone know how to get to Monfalcone Station, fortunately there was one of the passenger, who was going to Monfalcone station and kindly showed us the way and helped us buy our tickets. 

The train ticket to Venice cost $8.6 Euro per head. After we bought our tickets exactly opposite the train station was a Bistro, the owner was from Burma and was quite helpful, even with the language barrier. She made a special sandwich with no cheese and butter for me. This was the first meal and drink in Italy, 20 minutes later we went to the train station and was on the train to Venice Mestre. The journey to the Venice took about two hours.
 We reached  Venice station but there was two stations and we left one stop earlier, which was further from our hotel, we took a taxi to our hotel the cost was $15.00 Euro to reach our hotel. Checked in and asked for restaurant and bus stations. After noticing that Venice Mestre was further than expected, as was told that it was 1.5km from the 'old Venice square' it'd take around 25 minutes by bus to reach the 'old Venice Square. Left our luggage at Hotel Ariston and went to have our dinner. The restaurant which the receptionist, recommended was at least 25 minutes walk. 

Oh! The Italian restaurant took my order of grilled vegetables, chips and grilled pork chop, my husband and daughter had spaghetti. Amazing good service and beautiful meal, breadsticks and bread was given after our order which differ from the U.K. The manager kindly gave me seven packets of the breadsticks to take out. First sight of Treiste and I love this place (Venice including) Italian men here were so handsome and helpful Couldn't help myself enjoy their masculinity. 

Place: Trieste Airport, Italy and Venice
Photos by : Catherine Suen
Dated: 14/12/2012


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