Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A visit to Tatton Park, Knutsford

We had an appointment with a solicitor in Manchester so I took this opportunity to follow my husband down to Manchester. Unfortunately, on my way to Manchester, I am so sick that while my husband went to settle his business and I stay in the car to sleep of my illness.

After 2 hours rest in the car and got better than went to the China Town to bought some vegetables and dried stuffs and ready to start the journey back home again.

Instead of going straight back home, my husband asked where would I love to go for a photo shoot. I had never been to Tatton Park so I choose to go to this park.

Tatton Park is in Knutsford, Cheshire and when we reached the park it was around 4.30 p.m. and been told that the park was closed at 6.00 p.m. Paid for the entrance fee of £5.00 gbp for parking, cycling or walking into the park was free.

So when we drove into the park then we know that how big this park with 250 acres of gardens and it home to an old Tudor Hall. As this place close at  5.00p.m. when we drove to the Old Hall we didn't want to waste monies for the entrance fee due to we only had limited time to view the place.

Instead we spend our time at the park where 100 acres of rolling fields  with hundreds of Red Deers and Fallow Deers. These deers roaming freely around the fields  and there also a rare farm breed animals and woodlands for rare birds species for watching.

When I saw the group of red deers standing together and  were allow to go near these red deers as long as we don't run and scar them off. The park workers drove the trucks around the parkland to take care of these animals.

The red deers group together and it seen they rarely mix with the Fallow Deers. After taken photos of the red deers, we drove our car to another part of the parkland and wow, we saw lot of Fallow Deers and they were amazing beautiful.

Spent about an hour here with the deers but worried that the park will be close in another half hour. So we just took some photos of the deers and left this park.

From what I have seen of this  place was gorgeous but unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit the gardens,  the Old Hall and the farm.  I do enjoy myself walking around the woodland but to the place was so big that I only managed to see a limited part of this place.  The only regret was that I don't have much times to walk around this beautiful parkland and will come again another day soon.

On our way back home, beautiful sky, clouds and scenery but traffic jam on the motor way again due to a car overturned.  Hope all went well alright for the driver.

Place: Tatton Park
Scored for the place: 7 stars
Photos by : Catherine Suen
Dated: 13/08/2012

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