Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Taking a walk in Birches Valley Forest

I have made  google search for some interesting places to visit which nearby to my home.  Found that Tixall and Shugborough are beautiful places that worth a visit.

We follow the satnav which surprising using country lanes  and roads to Stafford. Along the way to Tixall, we came to the countryside full of birches trees. All the surroundings turn to orange and red colors and immediately we look for  a parking space to park our car so that we can take some photos.

Birches Valley Forest covered hundred of acres of lands. Especially in Autumn Season all the trees become flowers and the surroundings valley forest became a beautiful sights. We took our times to walk into the birches valley forest but unfortunately, we didn't have much times to spend on here as we need to go to our next destination.

Along the country roads to Tixall, the surroundings around here are so beautiful with old country farm houses. About 20 minutes we came to Tixall Farm House, and it was beautiful but we didn't go into the town centre. We enjoyed an hour taking photos and had our lunch.

After our break we carried on the journey to shugborough and suddenly mother's nature was giving a beautiful show on the surroundings, with the sunset rays shinning down on the rolling fields and farms. I have never seen something like this before and wanted my husband to try to find a spot where we can park our car to take this beautiful sight.

Unfortunately. due to while we trying to find the best spot to take this beautiful sight had wasted the precious minutes driving around and at last, we found a lonely farm track leading to rolling fields.  By this times,  the sun rays getting weaker and the sky getting darker. We have missed this chance to take some beautiful shots of this sight.

So we carry our journey to Shugborough but when we reach the Shugborough Hall, they was closed and have no choice and will go to this place again another day.

Places: Birches Valley Forest, Tixall and Shugborough
Photos: by Catherine Suen
Scored: 7 stars

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