Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Trip to Venice - Day 3 on 16/10/12

We have our breakfast and get ready to take a bus to the Old Venice. Reached the water bus station to take a ferry to Murano Island but unfortunately all water bus ferries were cancelled that day due to high tides. We have to change our plan to visit this Island tomorrow.

At a lost of what to do in Venice, so we took a ferry to St. Mark's Square.  I am totally amazed to see that St Mark's Square was flooded in the freak storm from yesterday. The Square was flooded but it can't kill the tourists' spirits. Concrete slabs were in place for tourists to walk so that they can visit St. Mark's  Basilica. Some of the tourists enjoying themselves dancing on the flooded water while other enjoying playing with the water. The flooded water created beautiful reflections of the St. Mark's Square.

After  two happy hours clicking my camera, we went to the visit the Doge's Palace. The Doge's Palace is the second most attraction in Venice after the St. Basilica. It worth to pay for the hefty admission fee to tour the Doge's Palace. It most famous tour is the Bridge of sighs. You can take photo from the outside of this bridge without buying the ticket. It worth to walk on this bridge as part of the Doge's Palace tour.

We pay for $68.00 euro for family ticket and there are 12 different museums where the price were included and this ticket valid for 6 months.  The Doge's Palace museum was so big and there were lot of great old artists' works hanging in the rooms and halls of the old Palace.  Three hours happily walking in the old Palace and then we went for our lunch at the centre of the town. This time we decided to go for  Chinese food for our lunch.  We were happy with the service and foods and the prices for the foods were good value without so many different taxes and charges.

After lunch we wandering around in the centre enjoying a peaceful walk along the alleys and street market. Walking around the small little shops and Trixie purchased some little gifts for her friends and also bought a leather wallet for me.  Around 5.00 p.m. and Trixie wanted to go back to the hotel and rest before we go out for our dinner. We shopped for some fruits at one of the super store and then back to the hotel to rest.

We went for our dinner around 8.00 p.m. and have Chinese dinner at one of the restaurant in the town centre. Luckily the value for foods was reasonable and we had enjoy our dinner. It cost us about $30.00 to 35.00 euro to have dinner or lunch and I think this is the reasonable value for a meal for 3 persons.

Place: St Mark's Square and Doge's Palace
Scored: 9 stars
Photos by:  Catherine Suen
Dated: 16/10/12

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