Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Day trip to Phoenix Park,Ireland on Day 9 - 11/6/12

I have been to Venice for a few days and unable to write my last few days in Ireland. Phoenix Park is the biggest park in the Ireland. My nephews and his friends bought  their puppies to the park for a walk. So this blogging will be all about nature. The three puppies were Charlie the Beagle, Bradley (can't remember what breed Bradley belong to!!) and Demon the sheep dog. We went to the park and let the puppies running up and down on the soft rolling green fields.  Lot of families were out at the park enjoying the sunny day.

After hours spent on training these puppies and  walking along the park enjoying the sunshine and we saw a group of Red Deers and Fallow Deers. These beautiful deers roaming around the park and they able to graze on the grass while the tourists and local sitting around the fields.

Enjoying ourselves for a few hours, my nephews and his friends took the puppies back home. We prefer to strolling along  in the park and enjoying our day here.  The three puppies also will be taking a flight back to Singapore where their owner's family will take care of them. Unfortunately, Demon had been given to a friend due to the owner's family unable to look after him.

We walked  toward the apartment but decided not going back home yet so we went to the city Centre  and sitting in the pub and watching the European Football Cup showing live on the screen.

We went back home to  cook dinner and have an early night. The next day we went to the Chester Beatty Library Galleries. This Library Galleries worth a visit. We were not allow to take any photos in this Galleries. In this Galleries there are lot of different countries old books and cultures. Collections of olden days books from all over the world are kept in this galleries.

After a few hours in the Library we went to do some shopping at the town centre near the Temple bar street there where we can find the high street stores. My daughter bought a bag and got me a raincoat.  We spent another three hours shopping and went back to meet my nephews for dinner at the Korean restaurant again. A night spent on enjoying the beautiful hot Korean dinner and we went back for an early night as our flight to England was next day at 5.00 a.m. so we need to wake up early to catch our flight back.

Place: Phoenix Park and Chester Beatty Library Galleries.
Scored : for the Phoenix Park  - 2 stars and Chester Beatty Library Galleries  - 7 stars
Photos by : Robert Suen and Catherine Suen
Dated:  11/06/12 and 12/06/12

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