Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A sneak peek at Mill Barn Cottage, Cheshire

We were going down to Manchester to see my daughter and bought all the stuffs which she required for her room. she staying with four students sharing house but unfortunately the heater broke down.  Started our journey around 3.30 p.m. but due to traffic jam in Motorway so we had to change direction by using country road.  When we were driving through Chester and the sun was going down. The sky and the country roads became so beautiful.

My husband tried to find a good spot for me to take photos but we came to a country lane. We thought it was a pub so we just drove through but instead of pub  we saw a lot of barn cottages. At end of the lane leaded us to a beautiful lake with a shelter and bbq pit.  The cottages facing the lake with a patio to view this beautiful sight.

I am curious so I took a sneak peek at the cottage. Oh!my gosh! beautiful open plan of lounge, kitchen with big television screen and sofa seats. There even a swimming pool in this beautiful resort.  I had no right to took photo of the cottages resort but went to the lake to take the beautiful sunset.  I have no authority from this resort to stay or to take photo but at least I spent about forty-five minutes in this beautiful spot without been chase off the premises.

This beautiful holiday resort able to cater up to 12 persons in a barn cottage. Oh! the price for this barn cottage per night is not cheap which start with a few hundred pounds sterling. This was a beautiful place for couples to tie the knot with their love ones.

The beautiful resort is Mill Barn Cottage, Cheshire at Milton Brook. Able to find this place in the internet search.

By the time we reached my daughter apartment, it was eight o'clock and we went for dinner and drove back home again. At least this time I didn't waste the trip of 4 hours without a beautiful photo for memory.

Place: Mill Barn Cottage, Cheshire
Scored: 7-stars
Photos: Catherine Suen
Dated: 27th September 2012

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