Sunday, 30 September 2012

Visit of Johnnie Fox's Pub,Ireland - Day 6- 8/6/12

As usual woke up early to go to the town centre for our breakfast. I know that we were going to Glencullen. The weather was so lousy and it was raining heavily when we reached one of the park. We didn't pay for the entrance fee to pay a visit of this park due to it was raining.

We drove off  to the Johnnie Fox's Pub  in Glencullen. Johnnie fox's pub is on the top Dublin mountains and one of the Ireland's oldest and most famous traditional pub.

When we reached the pub, surprised to see they were so busy with lot of locals and tourists enjoying their meals and drink. We found a table to sit down and was surprised to find that there are lot of smaller rooms. Each rooms is fill up with old historical photographs, artifacts, old clothing, shoes and cookery pots hanging on top of the ceiling.

In some rooms the old furnishings and dressers were from another times when it  were loving hand made. The pub are like a living museum and every rooms seem to furnish with a  different theme.

We order our drink and foods and while waiting for our foods, wandering around the pub busy taking photos of this amazing place. Just in front of our table there was a table converted  from a bed and it was reserved. There was a plaque on the bedstead explained it. "This bed was presented to Lady Hollingsworth in 1829 as a wedding gift. she is reputed to have not left it for a week and a night! She died a very happy woman at the age of 101.

Another room furnished with rows and rows of tables and chairs. This room was a stage where  the famous "Hooley Nights" of Irish Traditional music and dance was held weekly.

Over the years, the pub attracted lot of famous people and celebrities such as European Royalty, 12 Foreign Presidents and 7 Prime Ministers. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, The Rolling Stones, U2 and Robbie Williams.

The foods were beautiful cooked and well present and the services was good also. We enjoyed a good lunch and then went back home. We didn't have times to walk around the town centre or the mountains surrounding this pub. It worth a walk around these mountains as the scenery was so beautiful.

Once we back home, we have our dinner and then went out for our walk around the temple bar  and the Grand Canals Docks.  After walking for 4 hours along the Grand Canals Docks we were knackered and were for our bed.

Places: Johnnie Fox's Pub and Grand Canals Docks and Temple Bars Street.
Scored: 5 stars
Photos : by Robert Suen  and Catherine Suen
Dated: 8/6/2012

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