Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dublin, Ireland - Day 3 on 5/6

Today was my daughter's birthday, and my nephews had arranged for her a BBQ nite at the apartment.  We were unable to get any present for her but then we spend the day indoor.   Playing with the 4 dogs which are Bugsy a pug, Charlie a beagle, Bradlee unfortunately I can't remember what breed he belong to and Daimen a sheepdog.

All these dogs were purchased from Ireland.  Lousy weather and had been raining for the last 2 days. I am totally bored staying in.

Besides playing with the 4 dogs and Daimen had been following his daddy in and out so finally I managed to get a picture of him. As for Bugsy, she will be sent to Kuwait and the other 3 will be sent back to Singapore.
 Charlie took a peek at me to see whether I had food to offer to him if not, then he will sleep next to his daddy.

Bugsy treated Charlie like a brother and will sleep next to him or on top of him.

Thanks to Ben whom baked the cupcakes for Trixie's birthday and Gng and Chandra took charge of the BBQ. Enjoyed the nite and then my nephews went out with their friends to play the games till morning.

The following 2 photos were taken from street photos.

Place: Dublin, Ireland
Photos: Catherine Suen
Date: 5/6/2012

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