Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Trekking to Horseshoe Pass and Falls, North Wales

After several weeks of staying at home, I am getting sick of staying in and my wandering feet wanted to be out in the nature to explore. My husband agree to go outing this Tuesday so on the morning woke up at 9.00 a.m. packed our bag of fruits, pot noodles, tea, coffee and cooker. We were ready for our outing.

Last minute, my son let me know that he had an interview with the headmaster of the school for the A 'level" entry. Due to I wanted to change the school for him so he needed me to explain the situation to the headmaster. We went for the interview and  sent my son home. We went our way to North Wales.

We wanted to go to the Horseshoe Falls which one of the reader in my blogger let me know it is must to visit. The journey from my home to The Horseshoe Pass took only one and half hour. It took us two hours to reach the Horseshoe Pass due to we had forgotten to bring a pan for boiling water. We stopped at the town centre  to buy a pan and then some pasties to eat.

Followed the direction we drove the 4 miles up to Horseshoe Pass. The Horseshoe Pass was named because the road travels in a horseshoe shape around the sides of a valley. This road are frequently closed in the winter due to snow block and land slides. The mountains are 1,400 ft above sea level. This pass is also known as "Bwlch yr Oernant" and in English it meant "Pass of the cold stream"

We reached the Horseshoe Pass and stop opposite a cafe and B&B and went to ask direction for the Horseshoe Falls. Been told that this mountain was not where the Horseshoe Falls situated, in fact, it was at the next little town just outside of Llangollen. Walking behind the cafe and B&B we found that there was a little plot of land surrounded by a little pond where lot of bikers met their maker and were buried in there.  The Horseshoe Pass is know for bikers' best bike ride in UK.

Driving through the Horseshoe Pass must be cautious of the sheep as they wandering along the road and take their own sweet time wandering around and not scare of strangers. We do not have times to trek up to the mountain and drove all the way back to the town in search of the Horseshoe Falls again but unfortunately we had been driving up and down twice and still can't find the location.

So we stop at the Valle Crucis Abbey where we seen lot of caravans and tents built at this rolling fields.  We stopped at here and ask the local  for directions but unfortunately like us they were not from here but live about 10 miles away from here.

We stay at here for an hour and boiled some water for our pot noodle and took a break. After having my lunch at 4.30 p.m. so I took a walk around the abbey. I didn't went into the Valle Crucis Abbey to see the remain but took photos from the outside. The entrance fee to this place is £2.00 gbp. Around here there are caravans and shelter for rental for holidays stay.

Around 5.00 p.m. we check the travel book and found that in fact the Horseshoe Falls is at Llantysilio just a short distance from where we were.  Drove to Llantysilio and when we saw a path leading to the pub we just follow this trek and drove through.  One side of this trek was the water canal from LLangollen Canal and the other side is the Horseshoe Falls.

Took some photos around this pub then we drove straight up to the car park of Waterfront Hotel. We should not park at this car park but seen we not been told off so we just ignore the notice. There was a car park at the top of the Horseshoe Falls.  We couldn't believe that all the way straight to the hotel lead us to the Horseshoe Falls and the green trees surrounding the River Dee and the canal were so beautiful.

Walked up to the path there was a gate leading to the Horseshoe Falls. This falls was man-made weir and it was to stop the River Dee great flow. The weir was beautiful even it  was man-made.  Took some photos of this weir and walked back to our car. But on the other side of the path where the water flow down from the weir was so beautiful.

We had to climb down some rocky path to reach the bottom of the River Dee.  This place was amazing, with the rocks jutted upwards and the strong water flowing down from the weir were so beautiful. I just have to sit and enjoy this beautiful sights. The silky water flowing downward creating their own patterns and there were green trees everywhere surrounding this Falls.
To our surprise there wasn't a lot of  a tourists around here. We have seen only 6 people around here.To trek around this Falls, wear suitable shoes for trekking slippery rocks due to the rocks here were very slippery and depending on the tides some of the rocks were covered  by the strong waves.

Spend 2 hours here and suddenly at 8.30 p.m everywhere became dark. We had difficulties to find our way up by the rocky path lucky my husband saw there was stair further down so we able to climb up to reach the top. Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to walk around the falls and only known that this rocky falls will lead us to the Llangollen Canal.

I have to come down here  again in Autumn. I recommend this place for anyone whom happen to be in North Wales. Take a day at this place to be with what mother's nature provide for us to appreciate and enjoy the nature at their glorious moments.

Place: The Horseshoe Pass, The Horseshoe Falls and Valle Crucis Abbey Remain.
Photos: By Catherine Suen
Scored: 7 stars
Dated: 4th September 2012

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