Sunday, 9 September 2012

Howth Harbour-Dublin, Ireland- Day 2

Woke up early and went to the city centre to get our breakfast and wandering around the centre.  Walking around the city centre and doing some shopping unfortunately, the shops around here selling quite posh stuffs and there wasn't anything to get within my budget for my girl birthday present. Manage to find a dress to suit her but don't has her size. In the end we didn't get anything for her birthday present.

We went back to the apartment to meet our nephews as they arranged to go to the Howth. Left the apartment around 12.00 p.m. due to they wanted to take their dogs for a walk at this town. Unfortunately, Charlie, a 6 months old beagle vomited on my trouser and then Bradley, 4 months old of another breed,  also vomited.

Howth Harbour was about forty-five minutes drive away from Dublin City Centre. The island jutted out to the sea to enclose this harbour. At the end of the island there was the Old Martello Tower and a Howth Light House. There were lot of tourists and locals around this Howth Harbour but there didn't have a lot of interesting places to see.

When we reached the park and have our lunch here with fish and chips. Then we walk along the island leading to the Howth Light House.  While walking and taking photos I met a guy, named Paul which he had invested in Ireland but had lost all his monies due to the bad economy. He will be leaving Ireland in the next two days to Canada to work in oil rig. After talking to Paul and understand the country economy and how the country was poorly run by some of the top suit guys.

Been told that we can view the whole of this Howth Harbour if we walk up to the cliffs or mountains opposite to the harbour. Unfortunately, due to our puppies were too young to walk too far. We only stay around for 3 hours at the Howth Harbour and then return to the apartment to get some foods at the China Town to cook for our dinner.

Place: Howth Harbour
Photos: Catherine Suen
Scored: 2 stars
Dated: 4.6.2012

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