Friday, 14 February 2014

Day trip to Bath - on 21.8.30 with Wicksons

My friend and her son came to visit in England. So I booked several day trips with Wicksons to visit England.Our first trip is to Bath which is famous for the Roman baths and pump room.  It took about 3 hours to reached Bath and we been told that to meet at the car park at 5.15 p.m.

We bought a map of the city and start our walk along the River Avon. follow the the River Avon, we came to the famous Pulteney Weir and the bridge.  Enjoying watching the long boats waiting at the docks to release the water and so that they can cruise through the gate. After that we went to look for our lunch.

We had our lunch at one of the cafe enjoying the English breakfast and egg benedict  with black forest cakes with coffee and drinks. The meal was expensive but it is worth the money. After finished our lunch we go straight to the Roman baths and pump but the entrance fees cost £13.50 per person which we there are 5 of us so we decided to give it a miss. The Roman baths built over 2000 years ago and unearthed by the Victorians. The Roman Baths are built around  a natural hot spring which rises to 46 degrees and yields 250,000 gallons of water each day.

Inside the museum there is a fascinating collection of objects. Today the visitors can visit the pump room which is  meeting place in Bath since the 18th century when fashionable society members gathered to sample the spa water. The Bath Abbey worth a visit but we also didn't go in due to the entrance fee. the Bath Abbey is England;s last great medieval church which was dissolved in 1539, today the centre of community and culture life in the city Bishop Oliver King built the sanctuary in 1499. The Abbey is considered to be an outstanding example of perpendicular English Gothic architecture.

From the Roman Baths we follow the fashion museum to visit "The circus" The Circus was designed by John Wood the Elder and was built by his son over a period of fifteen years. The houses adorned with stone carvings and three orders of columns, form a perfect circle After and is the first of the kind in the history of British town planning. The circle  is divided into three sections of equal length which means that from any one of the three intersection streets an circular facade can be seen giving the impression of a complete circle.  The Earl of Chatham once lived in numbers 7 & 8.

After taking some photos from the Circus and enjoying ourselves sitting on the park in front of the houses.  we walk back to the high streets where a wide variety of independents, each with a choice of exciting and unusual merchandise.  We walked back to the River Avon  and there is a Parade Garden at the side of River Avon . We didn't visit the Garden but walked straight to the railway station. After checking what it cost for us to take a train from Lichfield City station to Bath which cost us £45.00 per person and per way then we walked back to the pickup point to our coach.

A beautiful day spent walking the most beautiful historical city  and we on our way back home and it took us another 3 hours to reach home.
It is a value for money day trip to the Bath and would love to recommend any one whom enjoy the day out this is a must and value for money day trip tour to follow.

Place: Bath,
Dated: 21§.8.2013
Photos by : Catherine Suen
Scored: 8 stars

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