Thursday, 20 February 2014

Walking along the canal of Whittington,Lichfield

When my husband need to  go to work for a few hours so that I can follow him for a free lift to Whittington, Lichfield.  I love the canal at the Whittington  but lack of the time to walk at this beautiful canal. I do not know this place is so beautiful and it full of long boats parking at the side of the canal.

I have no ideas that the walking paths or tracks that leading to Burton and another one leading to Lichfield.  My first time, when I took my walk  which lead to Lichfield and it about 2.5 miles to Lichfield but unable to complete the walk so I will make it another time.

Today my husband need to go to work so decide to follow him so that I can walk along the canal. Unfortunately,  in England it have been raining for a few weeks now and  the walking path is muddy and slippery.  Due to I did not wear the proper walking shoes and it is a rough walk for me, slipping on the mud but decide to carry on even it is a rough walk.

Walking about 2 hours and have no ideas where this path is leading to so luckily there is a gentleman walking pass and stop ask for direction and been told that this path which I am walking leading to Burton.  I took the wrong walking path as I want to go to Lichfield and not Burton. So now I have to walk back again.

Luckily, it is a beautiful day with blue sky and sunset and saw a young man catching a big fish what an rewarding day even with the fall it still deserve it. I will comes again as it is a beautiful canal with beautiful woodland surrounding it.

There are lot of bridges over the canal where I can go over it and stand on it to enjoy the full view of the canal.  This place deserve a visit as it is so beautiful along the canal.

Place: Whittington Canal
Scored: 7 stars
Photos: By Catherine Suen
Dated: 16.1.2014

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