Monday, 30 December 2013

A Happy 2014 to all my friends and relatives

Times passing faster than I can imagine and now is the end of 2013. I am ready to receive 2014 with both my arms wide open. I can't imagine what I had done in 2013. I did write my travel dairy but unfortunately, I didn't have the time to put them all into my blogger with all the places which I had visited in 2013 due to I have start my new life by going to college to further my education.  Hopefully I am able to go into a university in 2014.

A Happy New Year to all my friends and relatives for following my bloggers. I thanks to all of you for your comments and supports. Let 2014 bring you and all your family prosperous and happiness.

 When I went for my walk in Autumn at Cannock the beautiful woodland lighted up with beautiful colours.  Sometimes the woodlands appeared in gold colour then it change into different colours whenever the sun shone on the trees.
 I have always enjoy this time of the year walking in the woodland but unfortunately due to my studies in college which meant I can't travel to North Wales to enjoy the beautiful scenery in there.

 It was amazing to be in this woodland at this special time of the year.

 When the sun shone on the fern it look like fire on the fern which create a different rich texture to the fern.
 I love these tree trunks which covered with colorful leaves to create a wall paper.

 The rolling fields surrounded the Chase Park.
 This is park for riding and trekking.
I love these rolling fields with new planted seedling ready for new life. it seem to represent a new start in 2014.  Let's embrace the 2014 and wish all my friends and relatives a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Photos: by Catherine Suen
Place: Chase Park, Cannock
Dated: 31.12.2013

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