Monday, 30 December 2013

Walking in the Autumn

I love my walk into the woodland especially this time of the year the woodland is full of different types of mushrooms which I have not seen before. Not only the mushrooms I can find in the woodland but the different colours of the trees created by the sun was amazing beautiful.

Some of the wild mushrooms grown were found in the gardens of my neighbours and some were from the woodland in Chase Park, Cannock.

 These were found in the garden of my neighbour.
I have no idea the name of the mushrooms but just love taking photos of them and keep a record of them.

 When I went to college and saw these lot of mushroom grew on the bottom of the tree trunk but it disappeared after I took the photo of them.
This different type of wild mushroom found in the garden of the neighbour. It was not a good experience as I had been told of for not asking permission to take photos in their gardens. I also been asked what happened to me when someone drove passed and saw I am lying on the ground and thought something happened to me.
 This is Fly Agric which is poisonous. This mushroom was found in the woodland.

 I had no idea what is this mushroom but I love the way it shaped. Found this in the woodland.
 I think this will be a Pink Waxcap but I am not sure as I have not seen one of this before.
These lot were the common type which I am able to find in most gardens.
I love these broken mushroom as when the sun shone on it, it look like a duck.
Another of the Fly Agric mushroom which found in the woodland.

For my this post it will be all mushrooms and the colourful woodland will be post in another post.  Wish all my friends and relatives a Happy 2014 New year and have a prosperous 2014.

Photos: by Catherine Suen and Robert Suen
Place: Gardens and woodland in Chase Park.

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