Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Trip to Lantau Peak and Sunny Bay Beach, Hong Kong -Day 19

We have made an arrangement to meet Echo at Tung Chung station. We meet Echo and  Zoesw at the station and then went to the bus station to take a bus to Lantau Peak and the fare cost about HK$17.50 per trip.

Reached the Gaint Buddha in an hour and follow the path leading to the Wisdom Path. Along the trek we were busy taking photos of this beautiful nature reserve park. The Wisdom Path has the 38 bamboo tree trunks craving with Buddha's teachings on each trunk. The hills surrounding  this park were suddenly covered with mist. Unfortunately the weather was changing from bright sunny day to dark clouds and started to rain.

As it started to rain quite heavily we have no choice but to take shelter at one of the hut where we can rest and wait for the rain to stop. After half an hour wait, we try to walk up to Lantau Peak. We had only managed to walk  up hill for 10 to 15 minutes and have to give up going up hill as the hills were covered by mist with heavy rain.

So we had to go back to the Gaint Buddha Temple and at the front entrance there were several shops which were famous in soya bean drinks and we went to have some soy bean drinks. While waiting and hoping for the rain to stop but it got worst.

Echo had planned to take us to Tai O but had had to change this plan due to the weather and we went to Tung Chung Shopping Mall to do some shopping for my children instead. Zoesw had to go home as her husband and son were waiting for her at home.

While we were shopping at Tung Chung for an hour then suddenly we saw that the sun was shinning again and amazing sight was this sunset was so beautiful. So Echo immediately took us to Sunny Bay which is only 1 station away from Tung Chung and we might able to see the last sunset.

I have seen lot of different sunset but I had not seen one like this before. After a heavy rain for whole day and suddenly sunny again.  There were dark clouds in the sky and then suddenly it became so many different colors,  orange color change pink and purple, lavender and dark blue then became dark.  Beautiful colors reflected on the sea and it was music to my eyes and just can't image how to describe this  scenery in anyway to justify what I had seen. Also after the sunset we had to suffer the insects bite as after the sunset there were hundred of insects just sick to our body and the bite was painful.

Oh! my friends have told me that we are able to walk across the island that we seen in the middle of the bay due to it was quite late and lack of time we unable to go for this walk. I will have to visit this Sunny Bay again when I go back to Hong Kong again.

After enjoying an hour here, we went to Mong Kok for dinner and then bought some trekking stuffs such as shoes, shirts and trousers as we will be going trekking with the Pui Pui Trek Group the next day.

Thank to Echo and Zoesw, we had enjoyed ourselves even though it have been a lousy day to start with. Whenever I see the photos and it bring back the sweet memories of our times in Lantau Peak and Sunny Bay.

Scored for these place: 5 stars
Place: Gaint Buddha, Lantau Peak and Sunny Bay
Photos: by Robert Suen and Catherine Tan
Dated: 19/5/2012


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