Monday, 16 July 2012

My trips to HangZhou, China-Days 13 - 13/5/12

This morning wake up at 5.30 a.m. and hopefully able to take sunrise  photos. Went to the West Lake and sadly to see that it was raining, the lake was too fogging to take any photos. So I concentrate my attention to take flowers instead. West Lake was surrounded by gardens and ancient bridges.

West Lake is well known for the scenic spot with more than 4,234.00 hectares of spaces. The beauty of the West Lake varies with season. Every season has it own color and tone and the  four themes are namely "Peach in Spring", "Lotus in Summer", "Osmanthus in Autumn" and "Winter sweet in Winter"

The greeny blue water in West Lake are mythical pearls dropped from heaven with the mountains enclose the West Lake.

Walking along the West Lake and took photos for two and half hours and saw my husband was taking photos at the same spot as me. Enjoying ourselves for another hour and went back to the hotel to meet all my friends and relatives.

For today, we will take our slow spaces strolling the along West Lake. It took us 7 hours to complete the full circle of the West Lake. Also today was Mothers' Day in Asia. So to celebrate this day, we had dinner at the restaurant which is well-known  for "tongbo pork" and "chowfat chicken" which translated into English "Beggar Chicken" and Sweet and vinegar Fish. This meal cost us abour $780.00 rem.

Finished our dinner we went back to the hotel to relaxed for a while and then go out to visit the night market at Wushan Road.

Walking along the West Lake there  was a group of dancers performing  the Mongolian Dance. At 7.30 p.m. the musical fountain started performing the show, it is the largest dancing  fountain  about 126 m long at Hubin in the lake. The spraying water  dance with music of the China and other other countries.

 In this trip, thank to my nephew, Raj, whom teach me how to use my camera to take photo of nature and be aware and look out for the nature.

Walking  and shopping at the night markets and then back to the hotel around 10.00 p.m. Tomorrow we will start the journey late so we will get up early to get some China currency to pay for the expenses incurred for the last 2 days.

 I love this photo as my husband try to jump and due to he is too and the leave hit his face. Whenever I look at this photo and it make me laugh.

Place of Interest: West Lake, Hang Zhou, China
Photos by : Robert Suen and Catherine Tan
Dated: 13th May 2012.

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