Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Trips to Hong Kong -Day 6- Beijing and Hong Kong - 6th May

I had been away to Ireland for 13 days visiting my nephew. Hence, this delay in my travelling dairy to Hong Kong and Beijing. Here is my dairy continue for day 6 in Hong Kong.

I had prearranged in England, to join the Pui Pui Garden Trekking Group to go trekking when I am in Hong Kong.  We had arranged to meet our friends, Echo and her family at Tai Lam Chong. We took a bus to Tai Lam Chong. Reached the terminal for meeting point.

I am surprised that one of the group leader by the name of "Pui Pui" is a man  which I had wrongly thought was a girl. "I  am so sorry Pui Pui for this mistake". There were 6 new additional members joined our team today. The leaders whom  lead today trek were Pui Pui and Kin Yau.

We started the trek at Tai Lam Chung going all the way uphill which used to be cemetery. After about 500 to 600 yards, we came across the waterfall. Took a break to take a group photo.  The leaders planned to go for something more daring by walking up through the waterfall. I thought both of us, myself and my  husband, we are as fit as fiddle and able to trek through this easily. But we were wrong. The 1st section of the waterfall, we already knackered. Echo's husband, Wai Leung,  had to help me carry my camera bag pack and gave me a helping hand all the way up. Oh! my husband had been given a walking stick so that will steady himself trekking uphill.

On top of this, My friend, Echo, hurt the nerve on her back and she still joined  this trekking trip due to pre arrange. She do not want to disappoint both of us by missing this trip.  Pui Pui and Kin Yau had to tie a rope to give us access to the rock uphill. About half way of the trek, one of the member had finished his fresh water and some members gave their drinking water to him. We rest at here and some of the members couldn't resist the cooling water from the waterfall anymore and dipped into the pool for a swim and soon we followed in.

Rest for an hour for our lunch break , we carry on uphill again and our 2 youngest members were already up at the top of the hills which were about 330 meters high. Followed by other members, they had also reached the top of the hill except for me and my husband whom dragging both Echo and Wai Leung far, far behind the group. I felt so bad for the last one of the group delaying the journey. We had finally break the new record for this team to reach the top of this hills by using up to 3 to 4 hours which normally for them, it took about one and half hours to reach the top.

Half way to the top, the group leaders and their friends met their friends leading another group of trekkers up the hills also. Their members were resting along the edge of the waterfall cooking noodles and eating their food.

Rolling hills and trees, the beautiful views are out of this world. At one side of the hills we see the bridges and harbour near the airport and the other sides of the hills, there were the lakes surroundings by hills.

We stopped at the top of the hills for half an hour to take group photos. The leaders decided to go the easy way for the downhill by using steps.  By now, we had run out of drinking water and Echo gave some of her drinking water to us. Kin Yau's wife provided us some frozen pineapples and other members provided umbrella. We were so ill prepared that we do not bring suntan oil and hat. Estimated going down hills by steps will take us half an hour to reach the bottom of the hills. "Yea! good news to us." But we were wrong again, the half an hour to reach the bottom were for the skilled trekkers but not for myself or my husband. We took one hour to reached the bottom of the hills. Rested for half an hour and we walked along the dams.

Oh!, these lakes surrounding by the hills were so beautiful and we stay an hour here taking photos. Whilst the other went home as we took too long to take photos. I felt so bad for neglecting the other members but not sure when I can take photos of such beautiful scenery again. Luckily, Echo and her husband and son, kindly and patiently waiting for us to finish taking photos.

No doubt, we were thirsty and and it took us another hour before there was a vending machine for can drinks in  the girls' prisons where public can access through it.  Finally, we got to squash our thirst with plenty of cans drinks.

Took a bus to Mong Kok, for our vegetarian dinner.  After that, shopping to get our proper kits for our next trekking trip. Got a new pair of trekking shoes which can walk in water, shirts and trousers. shopping for SD cards for my camera. Then we went to  Echo's house to borrow the internet access stick and back home to rest.

What a happy and well ending day, even though I got both hands bruise from my disgraceful slips from the rocks several times. We felt that this trip was worth all the hurt and pain and make us feel so proud that we did it by going up the top of the hill and will do it again if we are still in Hong Kong.

Place: Tai Lam Chung Hills and Tai Lam Chung Wu. Tai Lam Chung Girls Centre and Mong Kok.
Group: 綠圈圈
  The is the link to the Pui Pui Group for trekking.
Photos: by Catherine Tan and Robert Suen
Dated: 6.5.2012
Dedicated : I love to dedicate this post to all my friends in Pui Pui Group and Echo's and her family.

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