Monday, 28 May 2012

My Trips to Hong Kong -Day 5- Beijing and Hong Kong

Another bad night again, our hotel room was like an oven, we had no idea why the heater was on and unable to switch it off.

Woke up at 6.00 a.m., check out  of the hotel and rushed to the sub-station to take the tram to the airport.  Unfortunately, the tram to  the airport don't accept the normal card which we were holding. The fare to the airport was $25.00 rem per person. Reached the airport in time and had some breakfast.

Walking toward  our gate and came across some beautiful orchids. They were so beautiful and look like fake ones. So enjoyed ourselves taking the photos of them and didn't aware that we were late for boarding. Met by the airport cab-driver and fetch us to the gate. Luckily, we just in time before the gate was closed.  "Thank god! for this guy and we had  to pay a $20.00 rem for the service. I had no small change and he wouldn't accept a $100.00 rem instead took a £5.00 gbp from me. "What a honest guy!!!"

Reached Hong Kong  in time and took a bus to my in-laws house. Spoken to them for a few hours and arranged to meet my friend, Echo. Before going out to meet her, we went to Tai Mei Tuk.  This little town is surrounded with beautiful hills and sea. Lot of the local were holidaying there with BBQ near the seaside where there was a BBQ pits centre.

Took some photos and ready to meet  Echo. So we took a bus then change to take train and tram to meet her family at the station.  Dinner  at the local cafe and went to Echo's house for a chat. Talking late into the night and forgotten of the times. "Oh my god!! it was 12.00 a.m.* We missed the last bus  and had to take a taxi back home which cost us HK$140.00.

"Oh! What a night." we do enjoying ourselves  so much that times passed too quickly. We were seeing each other again tomorrow for trekking.

 My friend, Echo's home is in one of this high raised flats.

I know this photos of mine is over exposure but kinda of love the silkiness of the sea and the double effect of the ship.

Pace: Beijing Airport
          Hong Kong
          Tai Mei Tuk
          Echo's house
Photos: Supply by Robert Suen and Cat Tan
Dated: 5.5.2012
Dedicated: I love to dedicate this post to my friend,Echo and her family for making my Hong Kong's trips interesting and their warm welcome to Hong Kong.

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