Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Trips to Hong Kong- Day 7 - 7/5/2012

Had been so busy for the last few days, I decided to stay at home for today to chill out. My husband had left the house early to apply for permit to visit China visa for 10 years. Staying at home with my parents-in-law, especially my father-in-law was quite mad with me for leaving home early and returning at 1.00 to 2.00 a.m. in the morning.

Together with my mother-in-law and the maid whom looking after them, we went to market at Tai Po to shop for food to cook for dinner. My mother-in-law bought some dried sea foods for us to bring back home so that her  grandchildren can enjoy some Asia goodies.

 Oh! Oh! I had forgotten to mention that my in-laws' house is in a little village in Tai Po and behind the house are surrounded by hills. All these flowers and plants were planted around their home.

Backed home early so decided to clear the wasps nest in the bedroom window.  We had managed to capture the male wasp yesterday. With the mother wasp looking after the nest. I had managed to distract the mother wasp to another window and got rid of the nest. The little eggs had been hatched and can see the little babies wasps moving about.

Prepared and cooked dinner early so hopefully I can go out to take some sunset photos in the nearby areas where we lived. "Unfortunately, no such good luck for me this time" my father-in-law took one and half hours to enjoy his dinner.

After dinner with nothing to do, so gave my both my in-laws a massage on their arms and legs and enjoying a good times chatting with them.

We will be leaving early morning on the next day due to we couldn't get a cheap  flight tickets to Ningbo so we decided to go along as we planned by taking a train up there.

Place: Tai Po - Hong Kong
Photos: By Catherine Tan
Date:  7th May 2012

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