Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Strolling around Crook O' Lune at Caton, Lancaster

We departed from the Lancaster University. Drove into the city centre to have our lunch.  Lancaster City is famous and well known as historical town. Strolling to the high street shops and finally we came across a cafe which offers morning breakfast, cornish pasties and jacket potatoes with chicken curry. Beautiful buildings dotted around this city.

Finished with our lunch, take a short break to walk around the town centre. We have nothing to get so we decided to go sight-seeing the beautiful little town in Caton, which are situated within the Forest of Bowland are known for outstanding natural beauty. Caton with Littledale is near River Lune. Caton is about 3 miles away from the city centre. As we only had limited times to spare, so we stop at the car park at Crook O' Lune. The majestic River Lune winds it way through the Lune valley.

The weather was quite lousy with strong wind and grey sky.  The Rive Lune was overflow and raised above the grasslands. To walk along this River Lune will take us about 2 or 3 hours. We spent the times around Crook O' Lune. Directly in front of the car park - there is gate that leaded Lune Valley. Opposite the car park are the two bridges in quick succession carried Lancaster to Wennington line over the horseshoe bend in the river between Halton and Caton.

CrookO' Lune is a attractive spot, where River Lune meanders in a big curve  through tree-lined banks. The river passes under Penny bridge. The view from here is beautiful.

We were running late, as we still have a long drive to drive back home. So after about an hour spent taking beautiful photographs of this place. We proceeded our journey to next destination.

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