Thursday, 16 February 2012

A day at Goldsmiths College Open Day

My daughter booked the appointment to view the university at London. The Goldsmith College  at New Cross Station. It took us about 3 hours drive to London and then we took about 2 hours on changing trams to reach there. Had our lunch in Chinatown and rushed to the university.

Reached the university, signed up as a visitors and gathered at the hall. My daughter went for the speeches and look around the campus.

The hall of the College look amazing and can see how much monies and times spent on here. The campus where the classrooms and halls look tired and old and need lot TLC on the. Walking to the classrooms to the toilets, one section of the walls painted in bright fire-engine red.

Half an hour later, my girl came back and disappointed with the whole presentation.  The presentation speeches were too passive without any motivation why student must choose this college for their further studies. Nothing on the subject of fine arts been touch or mentioned where she intended to take her course there.  Left the College within an hour and feeling quite sad and wasted of times. We went back to take the tram back to Central London. Unfortunately, when we take another different  route to the tram station. To our surprise that rows of houses were empty and run down with lot of rubbish at the front of the houses. The student lodge rental is £200.00 and above per week. From her 1st choice now it become her last choice of university.

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