Sunday, 5 February 2012

A day trekking to Carding Mill Valley and Shropshire Hills-Part 2

Follow the streams will take us to the waterfall in this valley. The surroundings of this valley are so gorgeous and beautiful that it take us about 4 hours to reach the waterfall. At the bottom of this waterfall, we decided to dip into the cold and freezing water. My husband and my friend's daughter had a slip and dip into the water and get themselves all wet. It was so funny that I do not have my camera ready to take  their funny actions.

The slopes of the hills are getting more rough and it was harder for us the further we have to go. As you can see, we are not fit for trekking hills or mountains. We enjoy ourselves taking photos so it took us much longer to reach the waterfall.

Quite disappointed when we reached the waterfall. It is just a small one which about 7 ft or 8 ft tall only.

The higher we go up the tracks become narrower with wet muddy tracks.  We had been advised by the residents that going all the way up hill and going down again will be much easier. There so many hills in this valley  and one of the hills is known as Long Mynd. Long Mynd in Shropshire, is known as part of Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Everyone mood had changed and became more moody due to they were wet and muddy all over.  Finally we reached the top of the hill and its became a flat grassland and you can almost touch the sky. It is totally a different view from the bottom of the valley. while we going downhill the views became even more stark and dramatic that everyone became happy again.  Also found that someone had killed and skinned a sheep and barbecue  it.

We had spent 8 hours in here and there is still so much we haven't see or covered. We have to come another day some of the hills we have not manage to go over yet. This is a beautiful and gorgeous valleys that I ever came across. I will give a score of 5 stars  for this place. We went to the cafe to have a drink and then going to the car park for our car.  This little boy was playing peek-a-boo with me while waiting for his parents.

I loved this place so much that I will make another trip down there soon.

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