Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Trip to Venice day - Day 4 on 17/10/2012

Today we woke up around 9.00am for our breakfast and it were cakes,
bread rolls and hard boiled eggs. We took a bus to Venice and hopefully today were low tides, so that the ferry can go Murano. We were lucky
that we able to go to Murano today, the journey there was an hour. We reached there and a sale representative near the quay asking whether we want to watch Murano glass making. Don’t waste time at this place they are trying to get tourists to buy the stuffs only.

Went into the town centre, and asked around if there was any shops/factories which showed demonstration on glass making. There was a factory, which allowed us to watch the master create works of murano glass each person, cost 5 Euro, picture allowed. The glassmaker approached us and told us he will show us the glass making and had an English translator to explain the process.

The master made a flower vase the material of the glass was made by substance sand, different material created different colours. Using a metal pole, which had sand on, was placed into the oven kiln (1000-1200 degree) to melt the substance. Once melted, the master will take the metal pole and roll on broken glasses to make this vase decoration. All of his creation was created by mind. After that its put back into the kiln then rolled out. As for the handle, the translator helped by heating another set of sand and added a different material to the colour. Using a different tool to help create the curve abd the handle. Whilst the material is still hot, it’s placed onto the vase. Once completed it’s left to cool down in a different kiln at around 800 degree which takes 24 hr.

Walking around this little town then we went to take ferry to another island and on our way to the quay, there was a big factory and their 5 to 6 workers were busy making the Murano glass and I stayed at this place to watch the process of glass making.

We took another ferry to Burano, which was famous island for lace makings and with beautiful colourful houses. This little quirky town was much better than Murano. It was so peaceful and quiet in this little town and not much of water traffic also.

We went into a lace making shop and the old lady was embroidery a lace
Her old fingers were nimble and fast and amazing beautiful lace work with every stitch. Afterwards we walked around the little town and came across a famous artist whom was a pop artist, which won lot of awards. She was painting a canvas, pop art in acrylic paint and luckily she was talking on the phone and able to take a photo of her while she painting and talking.

Another 2 hours spent on buying some gifts and ready to head back to the quay for our ferry to Murano then change another one to St. Mark Square. It took us about 2 hours to reach Saint Mark Square and will get our dinner here then head back to the hotel. Once we reached St. Mark Square, there were some filming crews doing some shoots and took some photos of this place and we went to look for our dinner.

Oh!!! Tonight we decided to splash out and enjoy our last night here with posh food. We had seafood dinner and Trixie had pizza. The food was good and beautiful and the service was all right. The meal cost us about $105.00 euro.

We went back to St Mark Square, and hopefully able to take some
night view of this Square but unfortunately the filming crews was still filming and change location, there were so much crowds even at 10.00 p.m. so we decide to go back as we were knackered and we have to walked back to Railto to take a ferry to the bus terminal and took a bus back to our hotel.

Place: Barano Island, Murano, St. Mark Square, Venice
Photos by: Catherine Suen
Scored: 9 stars
Dated: 17/10/2012

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