Monday, 17 December 2012

Trip to Venice- Day 5- 18/12/12

Our last day at  Venice and our flight back to UK was at 3. 30 p.m. so we packed early and ready for our trip back home.

Took a bus to the train station and bought the tickets to Monfalcon station which cost $8.40 euro per person.  This was the cheapest ticket to Monfalcon Station but we have to wait for 2 hours before there was one train to this station. We waited at the cafe and have something to drink.

The journey to Monfalcon station took about one hour and half.  We walked to the bus station to  take a local bus to the airport.  This time amazing the local bus to the airport was free and it took us about half an hour to reach the airport.

We were 3 hours early for our flight but unfortunately, Rynair flight delayed another 2 hours so by 5.45 p.m. then there was a plane back to UK.  We have lunch at the cafe and wait till the flight was ready to take off.

The plane back to UK was  half empty and we were allowed to have two seats instead of one. Reached UK about 7.45 p.m. and we took the train to Birmingham Centre to have some dinner and took another train to Lichfield.

During our this journey to Lichfield, there was a teenage girl whom suffering from fit and had a fall and fainted. Passengers were requested to open the windows to let fresh air into the compartment and luckily, a woman whom had some knowledge of how to take care of this illness took over. The woman even accompanied the young lady home.

We reached the Lichfield station about 9.30 p.m. and were knackered as we need to work for tomorrow. Our daughter 's friend came to fetch us from the train station. Our this journey to Venice, no doubt we wasted the first and last days of our 5 days trips but it was worth it. The total cost which we spent on the hotel room, air tickets, trains tickets, bus tickets and entrance fees around $700.00 euros for 3 persons. Food cost us about another $500.00 euro.

Place: Trieste Airport and Monfalcon Station
Scored for Venice : 9 stars
Photos by: Catherine Suen
Dated 18.10.2012

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