Thursday, 17 November 2011

Trekking at Sherwood Forest-known as Robin Hood Forest

School holidays started again but it is only for 1 week. Instead of spending monies going away decided to go exploring in UK. Trekking Sherwood Forest, Mansfield, Central England. The forest cover about 450 acres. It take about 2 or 3 hours to walk round it but it took me about 5 hours and that only cover two third of the forest only.

From the main entrance to Sherwood Forest visitor centre, opposite the car park which is free parking. There from the visitor centre, the sign board will direct you to the mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow.
These area are cover with all the oak trees and some of them go back about 500 to 1,200 years old.  These are gorgeous oak trees comes in all different shapes, also lot of different creatures living in the oak trees. I am not so lucky, can't see any of the creatures or birds.
The rare oak tree in there is the Majestic Major Oak - one of the largest tree in England, this major Oak is so big. the legend  has it that Major Oak hollow trunk  could have hidden Robin Hood and his entire band of merrie men.
After this impressive tree, there is the sign post to lead you to the open country of heather and bracken known as Budby South Forest. It about 400m to 500m from the Major Oak tree.
We enjoy taking photographs of the beautiful surroundings. This whole journey double of the usual times for trekking. We have prepare sandwiches and drinks for this trip and have a picnic at this beautiful spots. After this small break, following the direction board pointing major junction  with unmade land. This walk into undulating route for 1.2 km, we comes to the Centre Tree with rows of conifers on our right.

From here, we are totally lost, there are so many tracks and we do not know which one to take or not. Finally, we comes to the ancient woodland full of light and atmosphere. This is a changing landscape from what we have seen so far. Due to it is end of the October, and autumn is here we have manage to capture some of the yellow and orange leaves, but still not in the full autumn falls where all the different color in blooming glory.

The above are the last few pictures been taken before the sunset. I am lucky that I am able to capture some for the sunset reflections on the trees  and give them a glory look. From here there are paths to lead us back to the visitor centre, which still take us about 2 hours to walk back to the car park before the forest become totally in dark. We have to run and walk as we have lost our 2 children from the beginning of the walk and there are waiting in the car park for us. When we reach the car park, my children have complaints that they have waited 4 hours for us.  Unfortunately, due to we have lost the children during the the walk. There isn't any photos of them. To finish off the happy day, we decide to eat our dinner restaurant. This forest is a eye opening for me, it bring me to see the trees and wild plants with a different eyes. So that now,  I can understand how nature life can brighten our daily life.

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