Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Seven wonder of Wales-trekking to the highest waterfall

Looking for the waterfall in England. I came across the seven wonder of Wales which they are:
1.    Pistyll Rhaeadr - the tallest waterfall
2.    St Giles' Church 
3.    Overton Yew Trees
4.    St. Winefride's well - the ancient healing water
5.    Llangollen Bridge 
6.    Gresford Bells - church bells listed for their purity and tone
7.    Snowdon - the highest mountain

It is easy to travel by car than by train or bus. To see all these 7 wonder but unfortunately, I only manage to see 1 of the wonder - the tallest waterfall in Wales and England. Due to the weather and it is end of November which normally too fogging for sight-seeing. But we have a hot autumn this year, so I still manage to go and visit this tallest waterfall.  If you have a navigator - Pistyll Rhaeadr is not in there, you have to key in Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant in Oswestery,Pwys, Wales. Once you reach Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant, key in waterfall street. It will take you to the little town and there is a sign showing waterfall. Turn right into a one car lane this will take you to the top of waterfall visitor area. There is B&B and cafe and a little car park for your car parking.

On the drive to the car park, you will enjoy the most scenic scene.

Before you reach the visitor centre, there is little car park where you can park your car and  enjoy soaking into the water rolling down from the waterfall. Also you can view the waterfall from here. It is a grand sight. My husband and I spent sometimes here enjoying the water. No doubt, it is end of November, the water is cool and not ice cold.

After enjoying half an hour at this little hideaway, decided to carry on with the journey. We have to give way to cars coming down from the mountain. Also we need to give way to sheep, as they take their own sweet times walking on the road. Finally, we reach bottom of the waterfall, where the car park and visitors centre. Unfortunately, it is end of November, the B&B,cafe and visitors centre are closed. We are allow to view the waterfall and follow footpaths where it lead to the top of mountain. But the sign advice that if the weather became dark early, we are not to take the risk of going to the top of the mountain.
The sky become dark at about 2.30 p.m. and we only able to take the footpath surrounding the bottom of the waterfall.
This is the tallest waterfall in Wales and England. It is 74 metres and it is an ancient waterfall with a history more than 1,000 years old. The water is from the top of mountain Berwy Hills. There are footpaths to lead to this mountain top. There are also footpaths lead to this beautiful open forest. There is a little bridge lead to this open forest. Please note that to trek into these grassland and up to the mountain, it is best to wear boots due to the soil and mud are slippery and stones in the bottom of waterfall where you can have a soak in are also slippery.

Suddenly, the sky become totally dark and we have to give up trekking up to the mountain. No doubt, this trip is quite short due to the weather change but we do enjoy the whole trip. We will come again with my family and friends and will also recommend this place to people whom love of waterfall. This is a amazing sight and have my vote as 5* as  a tourist place to visit.
I hope all of my friends and family members will enjoy reading this little trip in Wales. Will update more on my trekking and travelling in my blog again soon. Also like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends and family members supporting me in this blogging my travelling dairy.

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