Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Visit to Geneva - Day 4 on 27/2/2013

Today, we woke up at 7.00 a.m., the surroundings  which can view from the balcony was amazing and the temperature was minus 9 degrees. We can see  the mountains peaks surrounding with fog and the surroundings were very misty. I went out to take some photos around the hotel as my husband was tired due to he can't sleep during the night.

After taking some photos of the surroundings and when the mountains peaks  were totally covered by a blanket of white clouds, I went to the nearby houses to take the photos of the birds.  Around 5.00 a.m to 6.00 a.m. we can hear the birds singing and  today I had caught another 2 different species of the birds.

To take nature photos, now I  can understand the patience of the photographers to sit or stand still for hours just waiting to spot the rare species. I have learned to be patience and had been  frozen in the cold for 3 hours just able to photos of  3 different type of birdies.

Around 9.30 a.m., my husband found me standing still at the nearby houses gardens taking photos. We went to the Passy Plateau to take photo of the misty surrounding the mountains Alps . After 2 hours later we drove to Chamonix to go to our next destination.

We decided to turn back and go to the hotel in Geneva, instead to Lansanne which take  about 2 hours to drive. On our way to Geneva, we bypass Passy. "Wow!!! the scenic views were amazing beautiful. The first night when we drove to the hotel was in the night  so we missed most of this beautiful views. We stop for a few minutes at Passy to take some photos.

Reached the hotel around 2.00 p.m. and checked in and left our suitcases at the room  to visit the town centre of Geneva.  We drove pass some of the beautiful historic town centre, parked our car and went for a walk  at the market place. We bought some sweets and grilled chicken for our dinner and spent 30 Swiss Fran. Learned our lesson at the Geneva Airport that they don't use Euro but Swiss Fran and managed to get a money changer in the town Centre. Enjoy the few hours strolling around the town centre, and beware of the market stalls sellers. As we were conned by them by paying more for the sweet than you can get them from the shop.

Our dinner tonight was the grilled chicken and frozen cooked prawns where I had bought at Chamonix. Early night  and to catch  the flight back home the next day. My only regret was that I have only 1 short day in Geneva where there were lot of branded posh shops here and didn't have the times to visit and it is worth to come back again as this is a beautiful city.

Place: Passy Plateau and Geneva
Scored: 5 stars 
Date: 27/2/2013
Photos by: Catherine Suen and Robert Suen