Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Misty day at Longdon, Staffordshire

We drove through Lichfield to go to Longdon.  Longdon is a small town with only 1 post office in the town. Driving through the one lane road with rolling fields on both sides. The temperature for the day is minus 5  with heavy fog covered  around the areas.

We stopped at the one lane road to take some photos and then drove through the Longdon village.  We missed the little town and came upon a  pub where a canal is directly behind it.

We parked our car at the pub parking area and walk along the canal. It was amazing beautiful around the canal with some long tug boats parked at  the side of the canal. The mist covered the surrounding but the water was still with perfect reflections on it.

I enjoyed a few peaceful and magical hours enjoying myself around this canal. Opposited the canal is a heathland but unfortunately I was unable to trek the heath due to it was late around  5.00 p.m. and soon the place was dark with heavy fog.

The canal look magical with the fog and the calm water was a bonus. This is not a famous or a local attraction place but the canal or where this water way leads to I have no ideas. Sitting and enjoying the serenity of this place and the only passerby were the locals taking their dogs for a walk.

Place: Longdon, Lichfield
Photos by: Catherine Suen
Dated: 10th January 2013
Scored for the Place: 5 stars

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