Thursday, 7 March 2013

Strolling at Lichfield City, England

We live about 5 miles away from Lichfield city. This city is old and new buildings mix together little city. Strolling around this city and can find the oldest Lichfield Cathedral where the royal families come for regular visit to this church. 

There is the market which held on every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the central of the city.  Unfortunately, at this moment due to economic downturn there were lot of empty shops in this city due to high rentals and council taxes to survive in this city.

The church is also known as Three Spiral Church as the last 3 remain in England.  There is a park near this church and a beautiful lake surrounding it. During the autumn time when the trees turn to different colors and this city brighten up by the colorful trees.  In spring, the Beacon Park with acres of rolling fields for children and adult for golf games and footballs and there even a children playground. This park is open whole year round for the locals to visit and enjoy themselves around at this park.

We often visit this city for shopping for household items and foods but due to lot of the local business have closed down and leaving empty shops around the city. The locals living near or around here have to go into Birmingham City to get some of the high street goodies. The council trying to keep the city with activities and hope to  woo more tourists and locals into this sleeping city as the tourists from overseas or other cities comes to visit the Lichfield Cathedral and then they able enjoy the stroll in the city with a cup of tea.

Normally, I go shopping around this little city but nowaday, I just bought my camera and strolled at the park and enjoy myself taking some  photos of the beautiful scene around and near the lake at Beacon Park.

Place: Lichfield city
Scored:  3 stars
Photos: Supplied by Catherine Suen
Dated: 19.2.2013

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